30 Times When Growing One’s Own Food Did Not Go As Planned

“This Is My Harvest From 3 Different Potato Plants. Don’t Worry, They Tasted Terrible Too”

“This Should Sustain Us Through The Winter”

“It Only Cost Me $200 To Grow These”

“Time To Make Strawberry Jam For My Neighbours”

“Such A Plentiful Harvest I Shall Have To Gift Some To Family & Friends”

“A Year’s Worth Of Hard Work”

“The Rains Have Blessed Us With Some Sweet Mangos”

“Just Harvested An Entire Bag Of Lays Chips Worth Of Potato!”

“Time To Make Some Scallion Pancakes”

“Jumping On The Tiny Chilli Pepper Bandwagon With The Only Carolina Reaper I Managed To Grow This Year”

“Guess What I Will Have For My Salad”

“Pepper Growing Expert Here — Ama!”

“Months Of Labour Have Finally Paid Off”

“I Saved Watermelon Seeds From Last Year And Grew My Own Watermelons!”

“My Corn (1) Is Doing Great”

“My Pear Tree, One Yearly Perfect Pear, No Leaves And 4 Feet Tall. My Mom Made Sure To Send Me A Picture Because I’m Not Home This Fall”

“With These Peppers, I Shall Spice A Thousand Dishes!”

“My Mighty Pineapple (Apple For Scale. I Was Out Of Bananas)”

“Would Anyone Like Some Lemon Water?”

“Just In Time For Halloween, The Tiniest Jack O’lantern”

“Three And A Half Months Delivered This Beast Just In Time For Our Village’s Annual Easter Feast”

“I Am So Proud Of My Chili. She Did Her Best”

“My Cart Will Definitely Feed A Whole Village!”

“Ready To Begin Harvesting. Need Advice On Canning”

“Took Me Hours To Slice This Baby Up. Hopefully This Should End Global Hunger. Hand And Chinese Chef Knife For Reference”

“In Six Months I Was Able To Turn One Clove Of Garlic Into One Clove Of Garlic With A Stem”

“Two Years Of Waiting For Our One And Only Lemon”

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