30+ Times When Life Took a Turn for the Worse

“My new Ugg slippers are either fake or were terribly made.”

“A package with my $200 headphones arrived ripped open and empty.”

“Guess my sink couldn’t handle a ceramic soap dispenser falling from a few inches high.”

“Forgot to take my SD card out of the Switch I was putting back together after repair.”

“I was wondering why my heat pump couldn’t keep up.”

“The Uber Eats delivery guy literally pulled my pizza out of his backpack.”

“How do I start clearing my balcony without getting snow all over the carpet?”

“Spent 20 minutes making a fancy omelet burrito breakfast. Here’s how it turned out.”

“Told our landlord to replace our gas fireplace because it was leaking CO, came back to this monstrosity in our living room.”

“We found my wife’s phone in the toilet. We weren’t sure which of our three kids put it there, until my wife scrolled through her pictures.”

“Got my wedding pics back”

“My toddler and I went to the park, only to discover that the entire playground had been demolished.”

“The results of the blizzard in Buffalo.”

“Bought a $44 handmade, ceramic mug. It cracks as I pour in my first cup of tea.”

“What happened on my cousin’s shift…”

“I’m in my mid-30s and unfortunately still sleepwalk occasionally. Took a sleepwalking tumble down the stairs last night…”

“Decided to spontaneously get my wife a new plant from an overpriced local florist that I probably can’t afford.”

“Just had this house centipede crawl across my face when I was trying to go to sleep. My skin is crawling.”

“I just remembered I wanted waffles 6 days ago.”

“Pizza place defaults to no cheese, no sauce on Doordash. I didn’t check the boxes to add them.”

“Merry Christmas. I hope your pipes didn’t bust while your electricity was out for 12 hours on Christmas Eve.”

“10-second walk from the store to my car in −2°F/-20°C temps.”

“Hope you enjoy my fruit tart, floor.”

“Don’t take naps while cooking the holiday ham.”

“Right before I left the trampoline park, I put back on my blue shoes. It wasn’t until I got home I realized I didn’t wear my blue shoes to the trampoline park.”

“I just got back to my apartment after winter break and found my bathroom trashed.”

“New prescription glasses. i knew my vision was bad but i didn’t think it was *that* bad”

“If youve never seen an obese axolotl before you’re missing out. This is hank. He has been way over fed by his previous owners and is now on a diet.”

“Just finished my first day at my first office job. Apparently, this sticker was displayed on my @$$ the whole time.”

“My Boss installed a water dispenser yesterday. This morning, we got into the office to this.”

“Take a guess at which window is mine.”

“Pulled out the rack to spritz and it came right out onto the concrete.”

“Had an unexplained allergic reaction for 12 years. Did a bloodtest and turns out I’m allergic to cats. We’ve had cats in our home for 15 years, and we currently have two”

“Kid found the button for the sunroof.”

“IKEA didn’t cut threads on one of four important structural screws.”

“I forgot to remove the silicone protectors before I set the oven to self clean. Thought I’d get my clean pans looking like new!”

“One of the trucks at the towing company I work for — the driver just noticed it.”

“First day of my month-long tour and my hotel is on fire.”

“Here’s how my day went.”

“Guess which one I just used to brush my teeth.”

“Thanks for the safe underground parking.”

“My buddy’s stylist asked, ’Do you want to try something new?’”

“Your day might be bad, but is it gas-tank-full-of-yellow-jackets bad?”

“A co-worker found a surprise at the bottom of their cup this morning.”

“Found my phone with the snowblower. How much rice do I need to fix this?”

“I left them in the car all summer.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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