30 Toilet Designs That Are Not So Good

“Can you smell what The Rock is cookin?”

“The top half of this stall door at a wedding venue doesn’t have anything to stop someone from looking in. There are urinals next to it.”

“My dad was admitted to the hospital. This is his bathroom. It’s not one-way glass.”

“Now I know why the beer here tastes like piss.”

“Imagine the scrubber you’d need for that bad boy.”

“This reflective surface between urinals allowing for effortless viewing of the next person’s junk.”

“That’s not a mirror, that’s a sliding window to the other stall that I had no clue existed. Thank God it was just my sister on the other side!”

“So my cousin bought a new house and this is one of the two bathrooms…”

“It’s like you get to s@#t in a giant toilet paper roll”

“Landlord didn’t see the problem. And yes that is a gap between the shower and wall. Decided to pass up on this place.”

“This $8000+ toilet I installed.”

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