30 Truly Devastating Birthday Fails

“We bought some decorations for a birthday in the household, and both of them are somehow spelt incorrectly. HAPPT BIRTHDAT and CELEBRAAE”

“My 10yr old made me a birthday card with detailed drawings of the buttholes of our 4 cats and titled it: “The Collection of BUTTHOLES of the cats”.”

“My friends dad took his mom to see The sound of music for her birthday present today. This was his view”

“When you have candles, but not the “right” ones for your wife’s 39th birthday.”

“Happy birthday and psychological trauma”

“On 11/28, my 29th birthday, I had two seizures, fell off my bed, and fractured my spine in two places. I now have to wear a back brace for 2-3 months.”

“First time ever making waffles for my husband’s birthday breakfast.”

“My brother had his window and his life’s belongings all stolen from his van on his birthday yesterday. Feels bad”

“Went to the store to pickup a candle for my daughter’s Birthday, guess how old she’s turning?”

“I bought a lemon pie for my dad’s birthday and it came like this”

“I asked for “Happy Birthday” on my husband’s cake but got this instead today”

“Thanks to the @$$hole who stole my 14th birthday money. I hope you’re happy.”

“This was supposed to be my brother’s birthday present… thanks UPS.”

“That time at my 36th birthday, when my husband made me go on stage with all the other birthday boys and girls. That is the face of mortification.”

“Are baking fails tolerated here ? My birthday cake just had a nose dive.”

“One day before my birthday I went to a skating place with a friend and a furry wearing a mask couldn’t see me and… happy birthday”

“When you’re so excited to make your bf open his first birthday present from an amazon shipment and it happens to be the wrong package filled with kitty litter. But he’s still excited!”

“When you try to surprise him with an oreo cake and you drop it…then catch it on the cabinets.”

“When you have the same bday and get each other the same gift”

“Not a fan of the sparklers…”

“Family friend hired Spongebob for a birthday party. Man covered in sponges appears.”

“Got my son a dinosaur balloon at the grocery store for his birthday. Here it is”

“The way my mother-in-law sliced this birthday cake”

“A “friend” staying over for the week had a slice of my mom’s birthday cake BEFORE we sang happy birthday.”

“Barbecue went up in flames on my grandads birthday….”

“So a girl at a restaurant who took a group photo for my friends’ birthday dinner managed to capture the very instant I noticed her hair catching on fire…”

“For my son’s 1st birthday, I give you the cake we ordered and the cake we got”

“I told my fiancé I got him the perfect 30th birthday cake.. it wasn’t what he expected.”

“My mom requested balloons on my grandma’s 80th birthday cake. We got these happy guys and a good laugh!”

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