30 Uncommon Things That People Have Observed

Things that are not encountered on a daily basis.

“A shower curtain for our irregularly shaped bathroom wall/ceiling.”

“My tea residue looks like a sitting dog.”

“Doll came with a tiny phone that has a tiny broken screen”

“There’s one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.”

“My university library has a dispenser for study utensils”

“My 1 euro coin fell apart.”

“My firewood had a pine cone inside the tree.”

“My closest gas station now has washer fluid stations too.”

“They made Oreo-flavored Oreos.”

“My McMuffin egg had runny yolk this morning.”

“The prize car at this dying mall is an 18 year old Corvette.”

“Security locked chocolate.”

“Found this tiny house built in a tree in the middle of a forest.”

“My local hospital has provided a house for a cat that frequently visits.”

“I can grip things backwards”

“My takeout rice container was 100% filled”

“I toasted bread to absolute perfection”

“These chairs have fart vents”

“My son’s hospital room has a PS5”

“This pub has an oubliette”

“Saw this ham that looked like a cross section of a human head”

“This Lowe’s advertises the size of the freezer by how many deer fit in it”

“Unopened can of coke from Japan I found at the beach in Alaska!”

“This faucet handle in Mexico is in the middle of water outlet, not on top or on the sides”

“Cheese board with black lemon cheese”

“This store circled all the orange stems with Sharpie”

“Got a 13 year old sticker on my McDonald’s pie”

“My leek had a squiggle inside”

“The way this egg dried at the bottom of a glass measuring cup”

“I got a gold quarter back as part of my change.”

“This Grocery Store in Estonia has a giant rock inside”

“My eggs were inversions of each other this morning.”

“The bubbles formation on a tube that i was washing”

“I ordered a 25 foot roll of bubble wrap on amazon and it came protected by a larger roll of bubble wrap”

“Restaurant charges a “wellness surcharge””

“A Valentines card from World War 2”

Source: www.reddit.com

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  1. What the heck is a “wellness surcharge?”

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