30 Useful Food Hacks

“Some Grocers Are Using Banana Leaves As An Alternative Way To Package Without Plastic”

“If You Have A Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter, You Also Have Reindeer Cookies Cutter. Awesome Isn’t It. See Image Below To Understand How”

“If You Eat A Hard Taco Over A Soft Tortilla Shell You Get A Second Taco”

“Use An Apple Corer To Prep Roast Potatoes”

“Use A Spoon To Anchor Your Strainer”

“Grilled Cheese Cooked In A Waffle Iron (The Holes Hold Extra Soup)”

“Aldi Pasta Sauce Jars Have Measurements Under The Stickers!”

“Chiles Change Name Once They Are Dried”

“New To The Sub, So Sorry If This Has Been Done Before. But The Bottom Of J.lohr(As Well As Any Similar Shaped Wine Bottle) Makes A Great Press For Homemade Ravioli”

“2 Frozen Pizza 1 Tray? No Problem”

“This One Helps Me Out On Occasion. Hope It Helps You As Well!”

“Keep Some White Grapes In The Freezer. You Can Use Them As Ice Cubes In Your White Wine, And When You Finish, You Get To Eat A Wine-Infused Grape!”

“Wrap A Piece Of Lettuce Around One Side Of Your Sandwich/Burger To Keep The Goods From Falling Out The Other Side”

“Here’s a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more “pizza” than two 12 inch pizzas”

“When You Finish A Jar Of Mustard, Don’t Throw It Out – Make Delicious Salad Dressing With Only 3 Ingredients. Put Ingredients Into Jar, Shake Vigorously, Done”

“My Husband Is Using Our Baby Monitor To Keep An Eye On The Temperature Of His Smoker While He Works”

“I Really Wanted A Hot Dog But Didn’t Have Any Buns So I Used A Baked Potato Instead”

“For Easy-To-Eat S’mores, Try Making Them In Ice Cream Cones”

“Elevating The Bacon Keeps It Out Of The Grease And Allows Hot Air To Circulate Around The Strips, So They Cook And Crisp Evenly”

“Place Pepperoni Over Bagel Holes When Making Homemade Pizza Bagels. Cheese Won’t Melt And Stick To The Pan, Gives Toppings More Surface Area”

“Empty Ketchup Bottles Make Excellent Batter Holders And Dispensers”

“Add A Little Brown Sugar To The Egg To Caramelize Your French Toast! Also, Yay For Breakfast At Dinner!”

“Hubby Was Using The Oven And I Needed To Proof My Focaccia, So I Ran The Dryer For 3 Minutes Then Put In My Dough. Worked Great!”

“Clean A Spice Grinder, Aka Coffee Grinder, By Blending Up Some White Rice Inside. It Will Trap Any Leftover Spices And Aromas”

“Try The Lemon Method Under The Salmon To Avoid Burning Your Fish”

“Splatter Shield Was Too Small For My Pan”

“Don’t Want To Mess Up 10 Bowls For Tacos? Use Muffin Tins!”

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