30 Vintage Cat Photos from ‘Cats Of Yore’ Twitter Archive

Every day, millions of people around the world actively seek cat-related content online. A 2015 survey revealed that a surprising 15% of all internet traffic is dedicated to these enigmatic creatures. Despite their mysterious nature, cats captivate us with their inexplicable behaviors.

The Cats of Yore social media accounts delight in sharing captivating snapshots of cats from bygone eras. Among the remarkable tales, you’ll find Smoky, the feline hero saved from an air raid during the blitz, who learned to salute from its military saviors. And then there are heartwarming scenes of cats being lowered in baskets from apartment buildings. These photographs offer a fascinating glimpse into the historical relationship between humans and cats.

Miss Ann Twynam and Smoky. 1943.

Photo by Anneke Hilhorst, 1973

Please sir, my apéritifs. 1975.

Coolest couple in the neighborhood. Photo from my collection, 1937.

Black cat auditions for the film Tales of Terror, 1961.

“Sorry, normally I limit this account to domestic cats but I just found this stunning night photo of a Canada Lynx in 1906 that I can’t not share. “

The grocer’s cat. 1939.

Notice which person is smiling.

Smoosh. 1937.

“A man in Paris carries his cat to a local park, where he’ll play cards with friends.” 1968.

“The belly! Ca. 1950.”

Lunch! Ca. 1950s.

Weather forecast: five clouds! Postcard from my collection, mailed 1907.

Time for eepy. 1940.

“Three kittens cuddle in front of a giant fish tank, eyeing a very large grouper” 1952.

Gladys (Simmons) Van Kleeck and her cat Patsy. 1910.

London, 1962.

What a wonderful kitty face. Leon Levinstein, 1954.

Stunning. 1943.

This would have made a much better Sistine Chapel. Ca. 1960.

Chub snugs. 1963.

A cat being lowered in a basket. 1933. People used to do this to let cats outside when they lived in apartment buildings. Maybe some people still do? I hope not. It’s cute but doesn’t seem safe.


“British disc jockey Jack Jackson pictured with his cat ‘Tiddles’ in the studio in May 1951.”

“Dorothy Van Kleeck with her cat Tommy Toodles” 1914.

“A cat peers over the top of a Kodak Supermatic camera. ” Ca. 1930.

Whisky the cat was ‘babysitting’ for young Jaqueline Hewitt’s doll, but found it so comfortable in the pram that he fell asleep on the job.” 1954.

Business networking. 1946.

“Helmuth Grandpa Deetjen at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn at Castro Canyon circa 1960.”

Kitchen helper. 1954.

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