30 Weird Things Designed To Look Dirty

“This Rose Themed Bed Spread”

“Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy”

“Upon Walking In This Bathroom At The Supermarket I Was Initially Disgusted At Filth And Lack Of Cleanliness Until A Closer Look Revealed It Was Designed This Way”

“These Restroom Tiles”

“This Small Pool Has A Yellow Plastic Mat At The Bottom, Making It Look Like It Is Filled With Urine”

“5 Star Hotel Has These “Clean” Looking Coffee Cups”

“It Looks Like You Peed Your Pants”

“My Office’s Cleaners Use A Yellow Product To Sanitize The Toilets. Makes It Look Like Someone Forgot To Flush”

“It Looks Like The Hotel Cart Ran Someone Over And Is Tracking Their Blood Through The Halls”

“These “Designer Jeans” Look Like They’re Covered In Poop Stains”

“Yellow Marble… Really?”

“This Bathroom Floor”

“Looks Like Someone Smeared Poop On This Table”

“This Rug That Looks Like It’s Covered In Ants/Fleas”

“Look What I Found In A Bathroom”

“This Weird Straw That Looks Like It’s Been Collecting Dirt For Three Months”

“Clean Table Looks Like It’s Covered In Crumbs”

“This Building I Found In Osaka With Marble Patterned Windows, Looks Like Someone Smeared Liquid Faeces On Them”

“This Is Apparently A Clean Wash Basin”

“I Tried To Clean This Only To Figure Out Its The Design”

“This Keyboard Cover Is Supposed To Look Like Marble But It Just Looks Dirty”

“This (Clean) Napkin”

“How To Know When It’s Time To Wash Them?”

“This Is A Sink At A High-Quality, Fancy French Restaurant In San Fransisco. No, That Is Not Dirt, But The *intentional* Material Of The Inside Of The Sink. Also, Those Are Not Stains (Unless The Material Soaks Up Stains, Either Way, Bad Sink Design)”

“This Sink Is Completely Clean”

“Silicone Kitchen Tools With A Marble Design That Makes Them Look Always Dirty”

“This Intentional Design On This Hoodie”

“Poop Smear Jeans!”

“These Tiles That Are Designed Pre-Worn And Dirty”

“The Style Is Supposed To Be In “Marble”, But Instead They Just Look Dirty”

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