31 Incredibly Bad Designs

“Insane menu at an insane sandwich shop.”

“The unfortunate logo of a florists near me. I’ve been calling it STD’s for years. It’s Sid’s.”

“I guess the paw is supposed to be a C?”

“My favorite feeling in the shower is the cold air from the air conditioner, blowing directly on you.”

“SO just got a pillow delivered from Amazon, (I think) this is the brand name? I have stared at it for a few minutes now…Lifwit? Zifwit?”

“My local university has a number of human sculptures on roofs of high buildings, often mistaken for real people.”

“Yellow as a container color for gallons of drinking water.”

“These playing cards with reflective backs. Everyone at the table can see the cards you draw.”

“My friend found some fine jean-a on the FB Marketplace.”

“I don’t think they understand the gravity of the situation.”

“The strawberry syrup is painted on the cup.”

“Couldn’t figure out why I kept grabbing the wrong size out of the multipack box. Then realized all 3 sizes come in all 3 colors!”

“There used to be a normal bench here.”

“Misleading >0 fats and sugars in this protein shake.”

“Unbalanced pan. Only stands correctly when there is weight in it — pretty annoying and even dangerous with hot oil.”

“A bench that doesn’t drain.”

Source: brightside.me

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