31 Retro Food That Taste Like Nostalgia

KFC dining room circa the ’80s.

The classic Whataburger design.

The old fashioned packaging for Dairy Queen’s dilly bars.

One of Taco Bell’s old exterior designs.

Another one of Taco Bell’s old exterior designs.

Remember the inside aesthetic of Taco Bell?

The cool old wrapping Taco Bell’s food used to come in.

Remember those Jack in the Box antennas?!

Jack in the Box pizza bites: Gone but never forgotten.

What the McDonald’s drive-thru menu used to look like.

The cool burgers and fries chairs that used to be inside McDonald’s.

The creepy Ronald McDonald in the supermarket locations is burned into our brains.

The Subway aesthetic has definitely changed over years.

The way Subway sandwiches used to be cut.

What the Kids Pak meal used to look like at Subway.

Who could forget Noid, Domino’s pizza mascot. Avoid the Noid!

Back when Pizza Hut buildings were actually shaped like huts.

What the inside of Pizza Hut used to look like, salad bar and all.

These little red cups they’d have when you ate at the Pizza Hut buffet.

Can’t forget about the super cool chandeliers.

The bright yellow packaging Wendy’s food used to come in.

Wendy’s Super Bar used to be all the rage.

The Super Bar eventually stepped down to a salad bar, which we also don’t see anymore.

The little cookies that used to come in happy meals, before the days of apple slices.

Old school McDonald’s high chairs.

McDonald’s old play castles.

What Burger King once looked like on the outside.

The inside of Burger King in the ’90s.

Back when Burger King had ashtrays at your disposal.

The crown-shaped chicken nuggets Burger King used to serve up.


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