32 Awesome Photos Of Objects Cut In Half



It’s pretty fascinating to see objects from a different perspective than we’re used to, so let’s take a look at some things from the inside.



An aloe leaf



A nautilus shell



A piece of fossilized white oak


A rattlesnake




A Soviet submarine



Conch shell



An accordion



Pineapple cut through the crown



Cutaway view of a cutaway guitar



A sea scallop



Poppy capsule



A battery



Peony bud



The inside of a bone.



The transparency of a zucchini slice



Wasp nest



A cacao pod



1 year old paint stir stick



A cigarette foil ball



Whale rib



An aerial firework



Inside a circuit breaker



Kiwano melon



Nikon D5 DSLR Camera



A hard disk drive



A cactus



Elephant foot



A lotus root



An artichoke


90 mm rifled cannon from a М48 Patton II tank, cut lengthwise

Inside an airplane wheel


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