32 Online Shopping Expectation VS. Reality Fails

“I asked for a chicken sandwich.”

“In-laws booked us a cabin. What we thought we were getting vs What we actually got”

“Hummus was filled with mold, even though it was refrigerated with an unbroken seal, and bought 1 month before the expiration date.”

“I expected something a bit more macabre.”

“Brach’s has been naughty this year.”

“What I ordered vs What was delivered”

“The witch hat I ordered online vs The one I received”

“The cake my soon-to-be sister-in-law ordered for our stock the bar party. What she asked for vs What we got”

“I may have underestimated the size of my cat.”

“I wasn’t expecting much, but I wasn’t expecting this.”

“I missed my exit for Spooky Town and I’m now in Horror-ville.”

“Big box to make it seem like there’s more.”

“MIL made our toddler a cake for her birthday.”

“Labyrinth… Just a worm.”

“The Hulk has seen better days.”

’’That’s “melted” Nutella on the top.’’

“Maybe it magically transforms after 5 minutes in the oven.”

’I thought I was getting beef jerky.’’

Credits:  www.reddit.com

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