32 Photos Show That Time Is Too Powerful

“Old 3DS found with erosion and barnacles found while diving.”

“100+ year old logging truck, abandoned and overgrown by the trees it once helped cut down.”

“Years of people touching the map at the “YOU ARE HERE” spot.”

“Well worn wooden bench.”

“30 years ago, my grandfather encased this meatball in epoxy.”

“Faded sign from the “War on Drugs” era.”

“This is the same doll, one after 32 years of love, the other still pristine.”

“Progression of a broom at a machine shop.”

“A 39 year old fan which turns 40 tomorrow.”

“Wear marks in the floor of a repurposed Levi’s denim factory. Someone spent their whole life working and standing in this spot.”

“Found this at my local pharmacy.”

“Basketball i got 5 years ago vs basketball I got today.”

“One of my kids left a shoe outside.”

“Wear-and-tear on playground monkey bars decreases as the distance increases.”

“Old ice pack sprung a leak, had to get a new one.”

“Three years ago I hid a golden money egg for an Easter egg hunt but the egg was never found… until now!”

“Found some change that had been in the brushes in the clothes dryer.”

“7 year old fast food. Noticed at a doctor’s office today.”

“What UV light does to wooden floors when a rug is placed in the middle of a room.”

“Great Grandmother’s potato peeling knife still used by my Grandmother in her late 80’s. She says her mother used it when she was a child.”

“My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes.”

“The difference between brand new teeth and 800 hours of digging.”

“This raw hotdog someone stuck on my vans antenna nearly 2 years ago is skinny but still going strong.”

“This radiator underneath a hand dryer in a pub in Northern England.”

“The Counter at This Truck Stop.”

“My husband bought me a new Uno deck to replace my 20 year old deck.”

“The rain melted the shells off the exposed M&M’s I found in a parking lot.”

“The grooves left by the drop rods on the exit gates of the carousel at the Henry Ford Museum.”

“The air filter I just took out of my lawnmower vs the one I replaced it with.”

“The spot where everyone always waits for the elevator.”

“Nature swallows a car in Hawaii.”

Credits:  old.reddit.com

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