33 Creative And Unique Designs

“Clever tea infuser.”

“Found this salt and pepper chess set at an Italian restaurant.”

“The edge of the knife in this Swiss restaurant was shaped to show off many of the peaks found in the Swiss Alps.”

“Found Band-Aids for different skin tones.”

“In Portugal we have cellphone towers disguised as trees.”

“I found a coin operated corn dog ride.”

“Found a corner piano at the piano store today.”

“How this cookie monster mug has a built-in cookie holder.”

“My local hardware store’s door handle is a hammer.”

“This staircase in a cabin I rented had notches so you didn’t hit your shins.”

“This jar is shaped to look like a ziplock bag.”

“My cart has a phone holder.”

“My roommates spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter.”

“Found a statue in Rome with bunny socks.”

“I got a waterproof cast on my ankle today.”

“This toilet seat has an attachment for toddlers to sit on.”

“This long hand sanitizer at IKEA”

“Blue toilet paper at the restaurant I was at”

“This is a very well-designed reusable coffee cup. Made from platinum silicon and recycled plastic to boot!”

“This door in my hotel bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways.”

“My chair comes with a drainage dissipation system.”

Source: brightside.me

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