34 Awesome Ultraviolet Tattoos

Ultraviolet tattoos are a new layer that opens so many possibilities. This is a collection of UV-tattoos that might pull the trigger for you.

Bart On The Run

Starry Night By Van Gogh

Glowing Skull

Radioactive Web

UV Pigment Really Makes That X-Ray Pop

OK, I See What You Did There.

Glow In The Dark Cat Zappoing a Dog

Bottoms Up

Alien Abduction Tattoo

Snake Isn’t Subtle

A Radiant Floral Tattoo

Run With The Pack. Glow With The Pack

Watermelon Is Calling Your Name

Aside From Underboob, Nothing Makes Those Flowers Pop More

A Cool Hidden Tattoo Behind The Wolf

Little Black Light Tattoo Universe

Death Is On Fire

Dragon Fire Or Ice?

Christmas Lights Dazzle At Night

Homer Takes His Work Home With Him

Rainbows & Stars

A Night Smoke


Pixar Lamp Shines Bright

Pikachu Is Powerful

Shine Like a Star

Scorpion Is Venomous

Mr. Burns Gets Spiritual

Burning Down The House

Alien Is Far Out

Forest Spirit Tattoo Starts Crying When In Black Light

UV Ink Almost Gives A 3D Effect To Bee

Alice In Wonderland

So Much On The Mind

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