34 People Share the Strange Things They Discovered in Their Own Homes

“The Former Homeowners Forgot Someone”

“Moved Into A House And Found These Symbols Under Panelling”

“I Also Had Military Ordnance Hidden In My House”

“I Moved Into A New House, Only To Be Told The Previous Tenants Were Hardcore Drug Dealers. This Is The Basement”

“I Found A Gravestone Under My Recently Purchased Home”

“These Are Photos We Found When Moving Into Our New Student Housing Today”

“I Checked Into My Airbnb Apartment In Seattle Today And Saw This When I Opened The Fridge”

“The House My Grandparents Bought Has A Hidden Basement That They Weren’t Told About. It’s Full Of Boxes”

“Moved Into Our New House A Few Months Back, A Mysterious Card Appears, I Will Not Be Opening Any Mail Named For This Person Ever Again”

“Bought My House 6 Months Ago And Found This Hidden Safe When Removing An Old Stove That Was Left Here”

“Makeshift “Shrine” We Found In Our New Houses Attic”

“Newly Purchased Home. Clearly A Grave In My Backyard, Right?”

“Found A Hidden Room In My New House Today”

“So today my family hosted a home welcoming party. While we were sitting on the back porch my mother noticed and commented on how there is a large amount of missing space of what the layout on the 2nd floor should be. Upon hearing this two of our guests immediately started asking if they can go upstairs and pokes some holes in the wall. I follow the two guests upstairs and they see where the missing space should be. They then kick a hole in the wall inside the bathroom closet to reveal this room. The room is about 10×5′ and none of us have any idea why it was boarded up.”

“The Only Picture On The Wall Of The Bedroom In The Airbnb We Just Stayed At”

“This Little Old Lady That Came With Our Home”

“My Mom Found This While Raking Leaves In The Yard Of Our New House. Does Anyone Know What This Is? We Named Him Geneva. Help”

“Not An Electrician, But I Just Bought My First House And Discovered This In The Attic. Seems Legit”

“Found This Old Ouija Board In The Attic Of My More Than 100-Year-Old House”

“Basement Wall Of A Home For Sale In My Neighborhood. Only 2 Families Have Occupied This Residence Since 1817”

“Found A Sword On A High Shelf In My New House”

“Painting In The Basement Of My Friend’s New House”

“John Wayne Gacy Did Construction For My Grandparents And We Found His Business Card While Going Through Some Stuff Today”

“The Previous Owner Of My New Home Left A Few Things In The Attic. This Card Slipped Out When I Moved The Bag”

“It’s a plastic Christmas tree.”

“Our New To Us House Has A Secret Panic Room That Wasn’t Included In The Listing. Built In 1978 And I Love This Place”

“I Was Helping My Dad Move Into His New Office, When We Found A Trapdoor”

“We hadn’t seen this when originally checking the place out. Lots of 50’s – 60’s era blueprints/technical drawings, a newspaper from 1937, and gears with 1950’s lightbulb for scale.”

“Doing Electrical Work In This House That Was Built In The 1800s And There’s A Prison Cell Under The Basement Stairs”

“Found This In The Basement Of My New House”

“My Brother Is A Home Inspector, This One Is Definitely Going In His Report”

“Pulled Up The Carpets In Newly Purchased House To Find This”

“Stayed Over At My Great-Grandma’s Thursday. This Thing Kept Me Awake All Night”

“Found This In My Girlfriend’s Loft. She Only Moved In 3 Months Ago And Says She Has Never Been Up There. Guess What My Name Is”

“Staying In An Airbnb. Woke Up This Morning To Find The Cover To Access The Attic Completely Moved”

“The Family Photo In My Airbnb”

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