34 Photos Show Why “Nature Was Metal” Millions Of Years Ago

“This Artist Tom Björklund Draws Neanderthals As People And Not As Biological Specimens. I Have To Say, Out Of All The Art I’ve Seen Of Neanderthals, This Is The One That Humanizes Them The Most”

“Crinoid Fossils Can Be Found In Some UK Rivers And Were Once Thought To Be Fairy Coins. Sometimes Called ‘Star Stones’”

“Opalized Crab Claw”

“If a cavity has formed because a bone, shell or pinecone was buried in the sand or clay that later became rock, and conditions are right for opal formation, then the opal forms a fossil replica of the original object that was buried.”

“It May Not Look Like Much, But This Tiny, Billion-Year-Old Green Algae Is The Ancestor Of All Land Plants On Earth”

“A Neanderthal Father With His Child. Reconstruction Made By The Kennis Brothers”

“10 Million Years Ago, Turtles Could Eat You With A Single Bite”

“A 120-145 Million Year Old Dinosaur With Two Heads Was Found In Yixian, China”

“Imagine Just How Huge And Metal This Mammoth Must Have Been… Tusk Of A Woolly Mammoth In Siberia”

“Outdated Reconstruction Of A Neanderthal vs. Scientifically Accurate Reconstruction Of A Neanderthal”

“The Last Photo Taken Of A Wild Barbary Lion. Taken In 1924”

“A Comparison Between The Skull Of A Sarcosuchus And A Nile Crocodile”

“Indohyus – The Earliest Known Ancestor Of The Whale”

“Megalodon & Human Size Comparison”

“The Giant Monster That Was Argentinosaurus”

“Reconstruction Of Sue, The T. Rex, In The Field Museum In Chicago”

“The Diversity Among Homo Erectus Around The World. Homo Erectus Existed For 1.9 Million Years And Was The Most Successful Human Species”

“This Brachiosaurus Skeleton”

“Quetzalcoatlus, The Biggest Flying Animal Ever!”

“These Starfishes Embedded In Stone As A Fossil”

“Titanoboa Skeleton”

“Had To Drive 14 Hours To Get Her, But I Finally Have My Little Own Coelophysis”

“Sue Is The Largest T.Rex To Be Found So Far, At 90% Of The Body Complete”

“A Megalodon Tooth Compared To A Great White Shark!”

“Cretan Dwarf Mammoth. It’s Possible Its Skull Was The Origin Of The Myths About Cyclops In Ancient Times.”

“The Licking Bison Of La Madeleine Was Carved On A Reindeer Antler Fragment In Upper Paleolithic France Sometime Between 20,000 And 12,000 Years Ago. It Depicts The Now Extinct Steppe Bison”

“100,000 Years Ago, A Group Of Neanderthals In Spain Walked Down To The Beach”

“When Breeding, Australian Gastric-Brooding Frogs (Rheobatrachus) Would Stop Producing Gastric Acid, Swallow Their Eggs, And Carry Them In Their Stomachs Past Metamorphosis. Extinct Since 1985”

“The Evolution Of Our Face”

“Prehistoric ‘Hell Ant’ Stuck In Amber Biting It’s Prey For 99 Million Years”

“Livyatan Is An Extinct Genus Of Sperm Whale And Is Most Notable For Being A Member Of The Raptorial Sperm Whales (Hyper-Predatory Sperm Whales) And Having The Strongest Bite Of Any Tetrapod”

“Skeleton Of Archelon Ischyros”

“This Was Toughie, The Last Known Living Rabbs’ Fringe-Limbed Treefrog. He Was Captured As An Adult In Panama In 2005 And Died In Captivity On September 26, 2016”

“Prehistoric Spider-Like Arachnid Found Preserved In Amber”

“This Spinosaurus Skeleton”

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