34 Strange Things Discovered While Magnet Fishing

“Found A Safe! (And Then Found The Owner!)”

“My Sister Upcycled This Stove Top That I Caught Magnet Fishing A Few Months Back”

“After An Hour Magnet Fishing I Asked For A Sign And This Is What It Gives Me”

“Hitching Post – Near Boiler Room”

“I Think I’ve Officially Peaked In My Magnet Fishing Career! The Only Reason Why I Caught It Was Because It Has A Magnetic Latch!”

“Apple Watch! The Owner Declined My Offer To Return It”

“Could Someone Please Inform The Sad Stoner Club That I Found Their Chair? Thanks”

“Pulled In My Biggest Catch To Date. The Last Thing I Expected To Surface”

“Got 2 Guns Today Magnet Fishing With My 1500lbs Magnet! I Have Caught A Total Of 3 Guns At This Spot Now”

“Found These The Other Day, Found The Owner Today”

“Well Today Was Unbelievable… Took 8 Hours To Get Up!”

“You Know The Can Is Old When It Sticks To The Magnet. This Is An Old One. Caught Out Of Lake Ontario, Toronto”

“Our First Outing And I Nabbed A Mailbox!”

“My Buddy Don And I Went Fishing The Other Day….he Started The Day Off With A Practice Hand Grenade”

“My Aunt Pulled This Out Under Roebling Bridge On Ky Side”

“First Computer; North Shore, Ma”

“My Wife Caught A Machete!”

“Just Cought An Entire PC!”

“I Went For The First Time This Week And Pulled A Chair And Two Bikes Out. Tons Of Fun, But Now I Need To Learn About How To Dispose Of So Much”

“So Bad Stealing And Disposing If A Childs Bike! Imagine Gge Heartbreak”

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