35 Curious Vending Machines Found Arount The World

“I Found A Vending Machine In Japan That Puts Your Face On Figurines. I Always Wanted To Be A Ninja.”

“This Vending Machine Dispenses A Random Book For $2.00”

“Refillable Detergent In Prague, Czech”

“My School Just Installed A CVS Vending Machine Full Of Medicine And Hygiene Products”

“Train Station In Paris Had A Machine That Printed Out Short Stories To Read While You Wait”

“My College Has A Vending Machine For Violin Strings And Woodwind Reeds”

“I Found A Cake Vending Machine”

“A Sock Vending Machine”

“Here In Switzerland, We Have Vending Machines Just For Selling Cheese”

“35-Cent Surprise Soda Machine”

“The Hotel I Am Staying At Has A Vending Machine Strictly For Champagne”

“Cat Hat Vending Machines In Japan”

“Found This Yarn / Crochet Hook Vending Machine At The Mall Today. Because You Never Know When You Might Need An Emergency Ball Of Yarn”

“A Vending Machine Inside A School”

“Vending Machine At Work Made An Error And Distributed Everything All At Once”

“There Is A Cigarette Vending Machine In Las Vegas That Now Sells Art Instead Of Cigarettes. For $5, You Can Have One Of Several Original Pocket-Sized Pieces Of Art”

“I’m From The Netherlands And We Have Vending Machines For Eggs”

“Walking Japanese Robot Vending Machine”

“A Book Vending Machine I Found In Romania”

“Best Candy Vending Machine Ever”

“An Umbrella Vending Machine In Japan”

“This Marijuana Vending Machine In Vancouver BC”

“Orlando International Airport Has LEGO Set Vending Machines”

“So, My College Has A Pizza Vending Machine Now”

“Skittles Vending Machine That Lets You Mix Your Own Ratio”

“Japan Has Vending Machines For Nearly Everything”

“A Vending Machine In Japan That Sells Solder And Resistors, For Your Late-Night Circuitry Cravings”

“A Meat Vending Machine Near My Hometown In Germany”

“My University Has A Vending Machine That Gives Free Coke If You Hug It”

“This Rest Stop Has A Vending Machine For Dogs”

“A Vegetable Vending Machine Near My Hometown In The Netherlands”

“Need This In Our Lives Asap”

“A Mask Gumball Machine At The Dollar Store”

“Plant Vending Machine, Seen At Clampham Station In London”

“Vending Machine For Game Boy Games”

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