35 Funny Graphs And Pie Charts

“A Year Ago I Was Hospitalized For A Failed Suicide Attempt, I Decided Then, That I Wanted To Be Healthier And Happier; This Is What A Year Of Therapy And Proper Medication Can Do. Don’t Give Up”

“My Anxiety Level vs. My Daughters Sentence”

“People Killed In Terrorist Attacks In 2017: Europe (Blue) vs. Africa (Red)”

“Us Elevation Tiles”

“I Finished My Year Long Temperature Blanket!”

“Searches For International Men’s Day Peak Every International Women’s Day”

“Paths Of 800 Unmanned Bicycles Being Pushed Until They Fall Over”

“My Experience Of Trying To Find A Job As A Pilot In The Last Four Months”

“Most Popular Web Browsers Between 1995 And 2019”

“My Wife Made This Blanket That Indicates A Certain Temperature For Every Day Of The Year. 2016 Pennsylvania”


“The States In Blue Have A Combined Total Population Equal To Los Angeles County, In Red”

“Us College Tuition & Fees vs. Overall Inflation”

“Distribution Of Snickers Letters In My Halloween Candy”

“Google Year In Search 2020 Top Search Terms”

“Tracking My Push-UPS In 2020. My New Year’s Resolution, Was To Do 100 Push-UPS In One Go. It Was A Slow Burn, Took Over 8 Months And 48 Attempts To Build Up My Strength And Stamina (Age 49)”

“Berlin Subway Map Compared To Its Real Geography”

“Blockbuster Video Us Store Locations Between 1986 And 2019”

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