35 People That Are Too Smart For This World

Reheating pizza in a covered pan on low heat = crisp crust and melty cheese.

Menthol shaving foam is an effective treatment for sunburns. Put some foam on the skin (do not rub), leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off with cool water. Repeat as necessary.

This really works when there is no other way to charge your phone.

If you have a headache, and you don’t have any painkillers, try putting a banana peel on your forehead. Thanks to a high concentration of potassium, it will ease the pain.

If you are going to a party and don’t want to take your bag just to hold your keys, attach them to your bra.

If you bought bananas that are still unripe, you can heat them in the oven to get them to where you want them.

In order to bring food home and keep it warm, turn on the seat heater.

Put a few drops of essential oil on the toilet paper roll, so your bathroom will smell nice all the time.

Micellar water removes dirt from sneakers.

Use a spring to fix a cord so it works for a longer time.

Use adhesive Velcro to prevent a rug from sliding on the floor.

Spray oil all over your body and then add your favorite perfume. The oil will lock the scent onto your body

A binder clip to make your life easier when brushing your teeth

Do you have a broken laptop hinge? You’re welcome!

When hanging something with 2 hooks, use painter’s tape to get exact markings. Then simply hammer in your nails and peel off the tape.

You don’t need a special brush, you can just use a bobby pin.

How to bake 2 pizzas at the same time:

Put boiling water in a glass to heat it up. Then dump out the water and put the glass over your butter. In just a few minutes it will be soft, not melted.

You can use a regular fork to remove these crushed carpet marks made by furniture.

Only 1 battery? No problem.

Use a straw to get the butter at the bottom of the popcorn.

Smear lipstick on the latch and stick masking tape to the strike plate, then close the door to determine where the latch contacts the plate.

If you need to wash a lot of potatoes (for example, for a big dinner), use your dishwasher.

Put balloons on hangers to prevent clothes from slipping off if you don’t want to invest in hangers with rubber coating!

You can save rolls of gift wrap much easier if you wrap them in cardboard roll.

1 hanger to rule them all

At least this provides some comfort on the plane…

A homemade sprinkler

Hooks have many uses.

How to keep your paint can clean:

How to make sure you’ll never forget your keys:

If you’re moving, use this method to make it easier when transporting your clothes.

Drilling always makes a mess. Well, not anymore…

How to use plastic bags and removable hooks:

The perfect night stand

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