35 People Who Had The Worst Day Of Their Lives

“Freshly opened can of jam has a big patch of mold. It even made the popping sound when the seal broke.”

“I see your strawberry jam, and I raise you my my brand new jar of olives from Costco.”

“Costco tire center kept our keyed lug nut socket.”

“My neighbor just got their car detailed; it’s so shiny that the sun reflection melted my blinds.”

“I was halfway through making a sandwich.”

“Staying in a hotel for a bit and my diet has been lacking, so I thought I’d buy some vitamins to supplement. Guess I’ll just takes bites out of this behemoth until it’s gone..”

“The $9 PBJ I bought at LaGuardia.”

“My beloved but stupid dog just headbutted the window full force(she is fine)”

“I have a 4 am flight, so I planned to do some chores and pack. A glass got stuck in my drain- I’ve been trying to get it out for an hour and now tongs are stuck and I’m not packed- I can’t get it out.”

“Got my car towed and it fell off the truck.”

“I was gone for a month a half and left my car outside. This is what Arizona pack rats have done to my engine bay.”

“Entire loaf has a bubble hole running lengthwise.”

“My wife’s new sweater had a hanging string…”

“Spent days trying to acquire this chair and it won’t fit in the room.”

“Is this about where a catalytic converter would be?”

“The legroom for my 13 hour flight.”

“My supervisor is out on vacation and I’m walking their dog while their gone. Walked in to find this. She looks so proud of her work.”

“Tried to support the local scouts by buying popcorn for $15. I thought I was getting one of those tins and they handed me this.”

“My bus driver said we were early, so he stopped the bus and walked away to get a coffee. Now the bus won’t start.”

“Someone left a grill on during the NE vs MIA game. This is the damage.”

“Key broke off in the liquor cabinet when I was trying to open it and we have a 500 person event with a full bar in 5 hours. And it’s Sunday.”

“Central Michigan University sent out stickers “for your keyboard”

“After 2 days of cookin’ beans, the pot explodes the night we were to feast on them.”

“Buddy came back from vacation and realized he was missing a headphone so he checked it’s location and..”


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