35 Photos Show How Amazing Mother Nature Is

“The big luck of finding a little starfish”

“My cat has a spiral on his side.”

“A basketstar, Gorgonocephalus eucnemis”

“Cross tide turns the beach into a chess board.”

“The color difference between the shaded and unshaded parts of my plant”

“The worm patterns on this fallen tree look like an aerial image of canyons and roads.”

“2 butterflies resting together look like a set of eyes.”

“This frog looks like it’s made of copper. Complete with oxidation. But it’s real.”

“My friend’s hand after swimming”

“My fingertips glow when touching this wall.”

“This moth is laying eggs on a window.”

“Tadpole that was basically a frog, but with a tail”

“Parking lot paint job caught this leaf.”

“A cool pattern on this leaf”

“This dragonfly that landed on my fishing pole”

“Sunlight through my Alocasia”

“This insect that landed on me at work today”

“Little squirrel reaches for the stars.”

“My friend rolled around too much on the road trip blanket.”

“A ’winter melon’ someone gave my boss, I’m 6’1”.”

“I found this handprint on a tree.”

“A wasp’s nest made it look like this statue is wearing a turban.”

“This tomato growing between the fence boards”

“The Cecropia is the largest moth species in North America, and yesterday this dude chose my fence to rest for a while.”

“This pigeon wearing a hat”

“This tree that refuses to die.”

“I found an apple with a face on it.”

“Body heat making it look like little ghosts floating at the bus stop.”

“I saw this beauty on our walk tonight.”

“A snail colony stuck to a tree”

“My nephew found a tiny crab in his mussel.”

“Robin‘s nest in the top of a fence post”

“This orange is growing an entire second orange.”

“The way the leaves grow on this tree makes it look blurry.”

“These tree sap icicles I found.”

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