35 Practical Items That Withstand The Years

This curated collection celebrates the enduring nature of everyday essentials that have stood the test of time.

“1959 Frigidaire Custom Imperial”

“In 2002, in 9th grade, I took a drafting class that required me to buy this pencil. I have used it in every single exam in every class at every level of schooling since. I’m 35 and finishing a PhD, and it’s still the only pencil for me!”

“Yet another Stanley insulated jug. But this one is about 100 years old.”

“Scored a pair of Herman Miller chairs for $40”

“It is confirmed that Crocs are not BIFL. They only lasted 17 years.”

“Was given this MS Natural Keyboard Pro on Day 1 at my job. 23 years later, I was told that new equipment will be at the new offices. Still going strong.”

“Our fully restored GE brass/cast iron fan…”

“This Sears Kenmore “Coldspot” refrigerator has been chugging along since 2004.”

“Vagarant Traveler C.E.O. 17″ backpack briefcase in coffee brown”

“Circa 70s/80s Ernie and Bert”

“My dad bought me this HP 48SX in 1992. Still works perfectly and I still use it”

“She turns 30 this year…”

“Ford 4100 at least 50 years old”

“1975 Presto Harvest gold yellow pressure cooker”

“My buddy has had this alarm clock since the 80s”

“This Salad Shooter at my parent’s house is still kicking after 32 years.”

“My 1993 Montgomery Wards lawn mower still runs and cuts the grass as good as when it was new!”

“Grandma’s 1940 teapot”

“Toyota Prius V with 460k miles and still on the original transmission.”

“My 1960s clock that now gets its time off the internet”

“Great grandma’s 1925 Toastmaster”

“I’m a year into my Thorogood 1957’s and I’m still in love. Best boots I’ve ever owned.”

“Genuine leather Timberland belt. Been worn 6 days a week at least for almost 15 years now. Outlived almost every piece of work clothing I’ve bought.”

“A brand new caliper I bought and the caliper my dad bought more than 60 years ago.”

“My Caselogic Walkman case from 1995 – been used to store different random gadgets after I retired my Walkman.”

“Well loved and well used for over half a century. ST Dupont”

“This coffee pot that my family has thats 14 years old or over”

“My 1985 Soundesign Super Programmable Alarm Clock/Radio. 10 buttons and 5 switches and works perfectly after 38 years”

“Olivetti Electric Typewriter still rocking”

“Gooseneck Electric Kettle”

“Leatherman Charge XTi. My travel tool since 2013.”

“Stanley Plane. Pawpaw bought in in the 60s. I fixed a door with it yesterday.”

“1948 WFL kit with 1923 Ludwig brass snare”

“Honda HRX 217 mulching mower”

“1970s Toastmaster hot plate, still going strong 50 years on”

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