36 Disastrous Designs You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

“Some of the tables on swedish trains have a line in the middle of it, making it look like you could split it. But you can’t! My seat neighbour spillde my coffee all over me because of this.”

“All caps or no caps, c’mon son.”

“The ad for this apron. Just don’t bend over I guess!!!”

“From the hotel that brought you “bloodstained curtains” we now bring you “poop stained headboard””

“Why use two symbols when you can just use two colours?”

“All the apartment numbers in this building are behind the lights”

“Captain America can fly now?”

“Let’s put the SOS button here so that people mistake it as the flush button.”

“This is in our hotel room. Sunshine?”

“I still hit the wrong buttons sometimes, even after owning this for a year.”

“Starbucks has started using paper lids, this was after just a few sips.”

“Absolutely beautiful architecture of the place I had to pee in.”

“This handle makes the QR code unscannable.”

“The off button says activation.”

“My favorite feeling in the shower is the cold air from the air conditioner, blowing directly on you.”

“9th floor, clearly. Oh wait, it’s the 2nd floor.”

“This remote for the air conditioner had me thinking far too hard.”

“This Peppa Pig pen with eyes in the wrong place.”

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