36 People Who Had A Really Bad Day

“Just bought a TV and broke it while mounting it.”

“My wife attempted to make me a sandwich for work while keeping an eye on the baby.”

“My dog, the first time I trusted her outside of the crate.”

“New lights in my mustang! Then literally 10 minutes later, a car in front of me hit a wheel in the road, which flew out and hit me.”

“We just built a big pergola over our back patio for extra shade.”

“Spent $150 on my first glass blowing class. Promptly dropped the bowl I made after bringing it home.”

“Someone’s car is behind a 7-foot-tall snowdrift, and there is no other way out besides plowing through it.”

“Wore a thimble so I don’t stab my finger, but the back of the needle went straight through and stabbed me in the finger.”

“The bottom of the slow cooker pot fell off, spilling 6 liters of hot pineapple juice everywhere.”

“I accidentally ripped out my eyelashes an hour before I got married.”

“My cat’s favorite flavor was out of stock, so I bought $10 worth of other ones in hopes she would eat them. She didn’t.”

“I dropped my keys into a storm drain.”

“These screws will definitely work…”

“My dog has locked me out of the house. And it’s raining.”

“I was heading to a job interview and accidentally spilled coffee all over me just before the interview.”

“My sympathies for the person who dropped this at a tram station.”

“This isn’t what I had in mind when I tried to “unlock” the door.”

“2 hour old brand new off the shelf Red Wing boots disintegrated. Cost my friend a day of work.”

“Someone forgot their car/house keys.”

“When you get on the airplane for a long flight and open your AirPods case only to find it empty.”

“An entire pint of Kilkenny.. look. I know it’s not major. But fml”

“Guess it’s time for some wireless.”

“I just found a bunch of these in the food I was making, ruining tonight’s dinner.”

“Someone threw a paw patrol bike at my windshield.”

“I was babysitting my cousin while her dad was away on business. He told me dinner is in the freezer. Yum, battery and broccoli. Just like mom used to make.”

“My wife said she’s incapable of getting the mail.”

“What happens if your tree hits a neighbour’s car?”

“Just had a new TV delivered. I plugged it in and turned it on.”

“Move to a place you can afford” they said…”

“I’ve been wanting this mug for over a year and I finally ordered it. It came in today and I dropped it while I was opening it.”

“Had a 2 hour bus ride today to get to the pharmacy only to find out that they were closed from yesterday to tomorrow.”

“I’m a high school teacher and my apartment window just got egged. I thought they liked me .”

“This is how I caught my ex wife cheating.”

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