36 Photos That Are So Confusing

“At first, I thought she was petting a dog, but she’s harvesting potatoes.”

“My brother sent me a photo from the ski hill. It was my desktop background for a week before I realized it was upside down.”

“That’s a very strong panel of drawers.”

“He’s just lying down behind the stairs.”

“2 pics in 1 shot — half night, half day”

“I took a picture of my roommate and the server looks like he has a really long arm.”

“This baby has a huge thumb.”

“Yarn on the table or giant yarn on a hardwood floor?”

“Squirrels have been busy carving a pumpkin illusion in our yard.”

“My clip-on sunglasses look like an insect.”

“These paw prints could be raised or depressed.”

“This photo of my girlfriend and me”

“Not sure if this man has a baby hand or if the baby has a very long one.”

“This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping.”

“Nearly had a heart attack when Ring notified me that there was a person at my front door.”

“It looks like there are 2 photos here.”

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