36 Unknown Details About 2000s “Disney” Movies

“During a scene in The Princess Diaries (2001), Anne Hathaway falls on the bleachers. This was not meant to happen, but it was such a genuine and funny accident, that the director, Garry Marshall, decided to keep the scene for the final cut.”

“In up(2009), Carl wears a bow tie at the funeral because he never learned to tie a tie without Ellie”

“At the end of Monster, Inc. (2001), Sully says that laughter is ten times more powerful than scream. This is represented by the size of the new yellow canisters, which are much larger than their counterparts seen at the beginning of the movie.”

“In Lilo and Stitch (2002), Disney+ has an alternative edited version where Lilo is hiding behind a pizza box instead of a dryer to satisfy safety concerns about children hiding in dryers”

“In The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) when Kronk tells Yzma “Don’t drink the wine, it’s poison” she pours the tainted wine into a nearby cactus. As the scene progresses, the cactus changes shape from a normal cactus, to a llama-shaped cactus, foreshadowing Kuzco’s fate.”

“In the scene “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted (2007), some of the dancers also played Chimney Sweeps in Mary Poppins (1964)”

“In Spirited Away (2001), a little jingle can be heard the first time No-Face sees Chihiro. After this, the same jingle plays every time he appears and tries to gain her attention throughout the movie. After she eventually befriends him, it stops being heard, hinting that his obsession for her ended.”

“In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), the elvish tattoo that Orlando Bloom got for The Lord of the Rings is visible.”

“In Holes (2003) the boat “Mary Lou” paint changes slightly in a flashback, the first appearance in which the boat is older has no paint, the second appearance in a flashback in which the boat is slightly younger has flaked and faded blue paint.”

“In The Princess and the Frog (2009), Dr. Facilier reads (his?) the movie’s future in his opening number. He reveals The Hanged Man, The Devil, and 5 of Pentacles/4 of Swords in his first draw, and on his second, he reveals The Hermit, The Ace of Swords, and The Queen of Wands. (details in comments)”

“In The Incredibles(2004) , Bomb Voyage was a French mime who had turned to a life of crime. In Ratatouille (2007) , we see him as an actual mime working the streets of Paris. Both movies were directed by Brad Bird.”

“In Atlantis The Lost Empire (2001) ,before returning to the surface each members receive a crystal as a gift, once they did the return trip we can see that each members turned his into a more discreet jewel.”

“In one of the final scenes of the movie Freaky Friday (2003), Lindsay Lohan’s character plays a guitar solo inside of Jamie Lee Curtis, playing her mother. In real life, Curtis actually learned and played the solo as showed in the film”

“In (2007) Meet the Robinsons when Wilber says who Mr Robinson looks like he says a different person and a different portrait appears depending on the dub of the film. In the English dub he says he looks like Tom Selleck in the the Latin Spanish dub he says he ‘El Puma’ José Luis Rodríguez”

“Bolt (2008). The address on Bolt’s tag is for the Disney Animation Building”

“In Ratatouille (2007), the first time we see Ego’s office, his blinds are closed. After eating Remy’s Ratatouille, he has his blinds open as he stares outside with a little ‘perspective’.”

“If you look closely after the lightning strikes the umbrella Wall-E is holding the electricity from the bolt charges his battery back to full”

“In The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), the crown in which the White Witch wears melts and decreases in size when she starts to lose her power.”

“In the beginning of 102 Dalmatians (2000) while Cruella De Vil is locked up. Her prisoner cap shows that she is prisoner #6660.”

“In the beginning of 102 Dalmatians (2000) while Cruella De Vil is locked up. Her prisoner cap shows that she is prisoner #6660.”

“In “Treasure Planet”(2002), the name of the ship featured in the film is “R.L.S Legacy”. RLS stands for Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of the book “Treasure Island”, which the film was based on”

“In Pirate’s Dead Man’s Chest, Gibbs asks Norrington what his story is, and he replies “same as yours just one chapter behind”. Moments later Norrington is thrown into the same pig pen in Tortuga that Gibbs was found in at the beginning of The Black Pearl, one movie behind.”

“[An Extremely Goofy Movie]- Seems to have a college student who is akin to Bigfoot”

“In Tuck Everlasting (2002), the Fosters’ clock is running perfectly fine, while the Tucks’ clock is broken and covered in dust and cobwebs. This signifies that the Tucks themselves have been frozen in time as well”

“For Monsters Inc. (2001) due to Mary Gibbs who played Boo being so young, it was difficult to get her to stay in the recording booth to perform her lines. So they decided to follow her around with a microphone and cut her lines together using the random things/noises she say whilst playing.”

“In Cars (2006) the sign above Mcqueen as he is dragged into court roughly translates to, “The way of justice is paved with truth”

“In Cars (2006) the sign above Mcqueen as he is dragged into court roughly translates to, “The way of justice is paved with truth”

“In National Treasure (2004), Ben’s Grandfather’s eye fades out last over the pyramid, creating The Eye Of Providence”

“In The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004), you can see a hidden mickey in the stars in the top right.”

“In Finding Nemo (2003), the dentist attended the “Pixar University school of Dentistry”.”

“In Enchanted (2007), the law firm that Robert works for is called “Churchill, Harline and Smith.” It was named after the songwriters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).”

“In The Incredibles (2004) At Helen and Bob Parr’s wedding in the second row are four of the Superheroes Edna later says died because of their capes. Thunderhead, Stratogayle, Meta Man, and Dynaguy.”

“Was watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire(2001) and noticed this fish making the same face as Milo.”

“In Finding Nemo, Bruce the shark starts crying when Marlin starts talking about Nemo, saying “I never knew my father”. Male sharks mate with the female then leave, so baby sharks never actually meet their father.”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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