37 Examples Of Some Next-Level Designs

“I found it in Germany in front of a museum.”

“My mom found this for $9. It’s a sculpture of a hand using a feather to tickle a foot.”

“I found this in a house that’s for sale nearby.”

“The shoes I discovered in a second-hand shop”

“I saw the hotdog candle here last week. Here is the whole collection.”

“A chair I saw at my job.”

“Folding dinner table”

“Chicken wing sculpture”

“Chicken soup popsicles”

“When you have to be in the carpool at 8 AM and the swimming pool at 6 PM.”

“A ceramic cup that looks like a plastic cup that has ants on it”

“Big steps in a toilet cubicle in a mall — safe to say I fell as I was walking to the door after turning to flush.”

“A bicycle seat with extra ’support’”

“Grub meatloaf and grub carrot cake — they may actually taste great too!”

“My mom’s cat-shaped mosquito coil holder”

“A local game shop had their bathroom floor redone in Magic the Gathering cards.”

“Decided that my bathroom fan timer needed these.”

Source: brightside.me

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