37 Important “Home Depot” Do’s And Don’ts

“Customers when a 3 ton forklift is honking the horn and moving directly towards them”

“Customer asks if you can come home with them to unload.”

“No ma’am, the gate needs to remain closed until he’s done with the forklift.”

“Our return policy is 180 days not 25 years”

“When a customer wants to return something with no bar code”

“Some idiot thought the display was plumbed in and dumped their coffee.”

“Customers pressing me about why I dont have lumber like I’m suppose to go out back and cut a tree down for them.”

“The “I was definitely going to pay for that” special.”

“I did the Christmas tree area for 8 hours this was what I got in tips today”

“To the customer that returned 30 lag bolts and left a note with all the information in the bag…You’re a reminder there’s still good people in this world”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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