37 Incredible Coincidences That We’d Never Expect To Happen

“The oil in my frying pan made a happy face.”

“The colors of my niece and nephews’ Nintendo DS consoles matched their outfits.”

“I had a black eye that matched my hair. I dyed hair and fell on my face the next day.”

“How the A-frame angle of the ladder matches the level counter and the ramp incline”

“Someone gave me a fishing lure that matched my son’s outfit.”

“My boyfriend’s grandma gave us a greeting card that matches my shirt.”

“The lines on my niece’s shirt line up almost perfectly with the awning.”

“My beach towel matches the color scheme of my painting.”

“My daughter looks like the girl in the painting in our hotel room.”

“These are this restaurant’s oddly-shaped awnings. But, it’s still hard to force myself to not see them as hovering umbrellas.”

“The dog and the blanket are like identical twins.”

“This bird standing on the railing of the building looks like a giant one, sitting on top of a train.”

“Bought a new rug and lost my dog!”

“I slid my shoes off for a second at work today, and my co-worker noticed that my feet vanished.”

“My friend just adopted a new fur baby, and she has found her favorite spot.”

“We got a matching cat to our sofa cover.”

“My mask on my floral bedsheet.”

“Spot the light switch, it took me too long to find.”

Source: brightside.me

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