37 People Share Horror Stories Involving Homeowners’ Associations

“Head Of Hoa Lives Across From This Guy And Was Giving Him A Hard Time About The Appearance Of His House. So He Painted His House Pepto Pink Out Of Spite”

“A Local HOA Karen Forced A Father To Tear Down His Kids’ Recently Built Tree House”

“Thank You All For Your Prayers. The Hoa Sprayed Toxic Chemicals In The Backyard Causing Severe Tremoring, Hypersalivation, And Neurological Problems”

“Kids Are Having Fun With Friends So A Neighbor Reported To Hoa That They Must Be Running A Childcare”

“Neighbor’s Response To Hoa’s Email About Taking Down Halloween Decorations. Now It’s A Christmas Decoration”

“A Friend Of Mine Got A Complaint From Her Hoa About A Dying Shrub On Her Property”

“My Neighbor Received A Letter From Hoa Saying His Tree Needed To Be Cut Down. This Is What He Did With The Trunk”

“Homeowners Association Requires That This Should Be A Lawn”

“The Neighbors Hate Us And Went To The Hoa Because We Had Something “Poisonous” Growing In Our Backyard. Here’s Our Harvest”

“When The Hoa Needs To Place A Notice About Farting In The Elevator”

“Hoa Requires Elaborate Christmas Decorations In This Neighborhood. This Resident Complied”

“Our Hoa Illegally Gutted The Courtyard Behind Our Townhome That Contained Very Large Privacy Bushes And Protected Cypress Trees”

“$50 Fine From Hoa For Having A Dead Lawn (It’s Rock) And/Or Excessive Weeds (None)”

“A Friend’s Hoa Sent Letter Requesting Kids Only Play In Park, Not In Yards”

“Hoa Landscapers Threw In A Free Internet Trim”

“My Parents Hoa Passed A Rule This Year That All Houses In The Neighborhood Must Be 35′ From The Road. These Neighbors May Have To Tear Their House (Which Has Been There For 12+ Years) If They Are Not Approved For A Variance Permit”

“Our Lovely Homeowner’s Association Dog Park. No Shade, No Turf, Just Gravel, And Rocks”

“I’m Parked On My Property And I Get A Violation.”

“Hoa Cut Our Privacy Bushes In Half Without Asking”

“My Hoa Put Up Fences So We Can’t Drive From Section To Section”

“Our Hoa Installed Some Sprinklers By The Lake Last Year. Here Is One Of The Heads A Year Later That Waters The Lake Twice A Day”

“The Only Thing Worse Than A Florida Hurricane Is A Florida Home Owner’s Association'”

“Texas Couple Being Sued By Their Hoa For Feeding Ducks”

“Hoa Decides To Ruin Our Sideyard By Putting A Sidewalk Through It, Then Bursts The Water Pipes Coming To Our House”

“Hoa Refuses To Remove Dog Waste After Months Of Payment. They Ignored Calls And Dealt With The Smell Complaint By Turning Each Doggie Station Into An Overflow”

“Hoa Recently Replaced Our House Numbers”

“You All Enjoyed My “Handwriting” And Pink Boots Last Time. I’m Back Today After Receiving A Note From The HOA Reminding Me To Actually Finish Power Washing My Driveway”

“The Hoa Is Ridiculous. You Can Clearly See A Net On That Goal In The Picture They Took”

“The Hoa Mounted This Sign Slanted”

“Hoa Wanting Free Labor For Cleaning Up Construction Trash Home Builders Left In Our Neighborhood”

“Hoa Decided Behind This Bush Was A Good Place For Our House Number To Be Placed”

“Hoa’s Need To Chill Out, I’m Not 100% Sure, But I Think The Hoa Blocked A Walkway To Another Neighborhood. Very Annoying”

“Our Hoa Made Us Each Pay About $30 Each To Set Up Lights Around Our Neighborhood Sign (Sorry For Bad Lighting)”

“My Hoa Put Up A Fence The Week Before I Stained Mine”

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