37 Photos Retail Employees Can Relate To

“If You Really Love Your Heros, Consider This”


“When People Stop In The Middle Of An Aisle And Act Like They’re The Only Ones In The Store”

“If You Let Your Kids Do This, [screw] You.”

“Retail Workers Know What I Mean”

“Working In Retail Is A Special Type Of Hell”

“Customers Who Don’t Say Hi”

“When They Act Like Masks Don’t Apply To Them”

“This Is Accurate”

“Sounds About Right”


“All The Employees Have To Do Is Put Stuff Away…right?”

“Any Season”

“When Customers Leave Stuff From Other Aisles In Places They Shouldn’t Be”

“Black Friday As A Wal-Mart Employee.”

“I Think We All Can Relate. Am I Right?”

“When They Tell Employees Their Whole Life Story”

“When They Walk In Just Before Closing”

“When Guests Forget The Entire Reason Employees Are In The Store”

“When Customers Leave Their Dirty Trash In The Carts”

“When They Come .5 Seconds Before Closing Time”

“Customers Are Relentless”

“When Customers Forget How A Store Works”

“Even Though Zebra Says 1 But Not Binned In Anywhere”


“When Customers Disappear After Employees Go Into The Back To Get Something For Them”

“Why I Hate Working In Retail.”

“When People Leave Food In A Cart”

“When They Beckon An Employee Over Like They’re A Trained Animal”

“When People Take Something Out Of Its Package And Just Leave It There”

“Things Supermarket Employees Hate”

“Who Just Decided “No” On The TV?”

“People Who Shop At The Absolute Last Minute”

“When They Don’t Recognize The Difference Between In-Store And Online”

“98% Of Customers Are Illiterate”

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