37 Time-Saving Products To Help You Get More Done in Less Time

An adorably encouraging daily planner you can fill out throughout the course of each day to keep yourself on track for all your calls, goals, and even your water intake. It’s like you’ve got your own babysitter in a notepad, basically.

A no-scrub weekly shower cleaner you can quite literally “set and forget” to maintain its cleanliness over time — once you apply it after a shower, you just have to wait 8 to 12 hours and it’ll quietly tackle the soap scum, grime, oils, mold, and mildew stains without any elbow grease from you.

A reviewer-beloved veggie chopper to make you feel like a golden god in your kitchen — this gadget julienne, chops, spiralizes, and slices vegetables in an instant and has a built-in storage container to hold the chopped veggies so you can pour them into a pan or dish without any mess. 

A silicone baking mat for your sheet pan, so on days when you’ve run out of time to do anything orderly for dinner you can just slap a bunch of veggies and frozen goods down, drizzle them in olive oil, and shove them in the oven. Bonus: these are super easy to clean, so you won’t have to deal with a mess! 

A fast-acting ChomChom pet hair remover roller that is deeply beloved by pet owners — it’s like a sticky lint roller, but specifically designed to pick up pet hair and not only lock it in, but stash it inside the roller itself, so you don’t end up making matters worse by just shoving the hair around instead of getting rid of it properly. 

A spray bottle of SoCozy Curl Spray Leave-In Conditioner, which is beloved by kids and parents alike — this lightweight formula is designed to spray in your hair before bedtime to prevent bedhead frizziness and tangles by restoring and detangling curls. No muss, no fuss, and *significantly* less crying over hairbrush routines in the morning! 

A painless, mint-flavored teeth-whitening pen that gets results from the very first use, lightening up years’ worth of stains from coffee, tea, wine, or just…you know. Existing as a human with teeth.

An egg bite maker so you can flex on Starbucks and Costco and all the other places where you’re paying top dollar for fresh or frozen egg bites by — gasp?? — customizing and making your own for cheap. Bonus: you can take the silicone molds off of it and use it as a regular grill for sandwiches! 

The Pink Stuff’s Miracle Multipurpose Cleaner Spray, which lives up to its name and *then* some considering the feats it can accomplish — people compare it to a Magic Eraser for everything from scrubbing the oven to caked-on pans to cleaning walls to getting stubborn stains off tiles. Basically, instead of investing in a ton of cleaning products, you can use this as your easy secret weapon. 

An effective, no-effort fruit fly trap for anyone who is sick and tired of trying out time-consuming strategies to avoid the extra flying roommates (pay rent, why don’t you??). Each of these traps lasts up to 45 days, so you’ll finally get some peace in your kitchen once and for all. 

cold brew coffee maker so gloriously easy to use that all you have to do is stick your favorite ground coffee in the filter, seal the airtight lid on top, and pop it in the fridge overnight. Boom, 4 cups of cold brew you don’t have to lift a finger to make when you’re scrambling to log onto a Zoom meeting five minutes late. 

Or a reviewer-beloved Javy cold brew concentrate for anyone whose favorite flavor of coffee is “ridiculously convenient.” Not only is this brew delicious and full of that satisfying rich coffee depth, but you only have to mix one or two teaspoons with water or milk and bam, instant coffee that will make your taste buds sing. 

A quick-drying top nail coat, because sometimes you just have to get the show on the road, nail polish situation be damned — this helps dry your wet nails within two minutes so you can get back to business (read: sticking your hand in a chip bag without fear). 

A pair of ridiculously comfortable Levi’s jeggings for anyone who wants a go-to basic that’ll work with just about any T-shirt in their closet. These are so comfy and easy to put on that they’ll will make you want to throw your regular jeans out the window.

A dual hair dryer and brush to dry your hair as you style it and give your ‘do an incredible amount of volume and shine in as little as *half* the time as an ordinary blow-dry. Your regular round brush could never!! 

self-watering, self-aerating planter to spare you some Plant Parent fretting — this will help take care of your little green babies when you’re running around and can’t afford to give them the TLC they’re demanding. 

An efficient, oh-so-satisfying safety cutter to quickly zip over things like coupons, chip bags, and packages without worrying about hurting your fingers. 

Downy fabric spray, because no offense (or full offense??) to your iron, but you do not have all the time in the world to wait for it to get its act together. A few sprays of this and you can smooth out the wrinkles by hand and make your way out the door. 

An enzyme-based laundry stain remover that is basically the ultimate in “I’m too busy for this nonsense” hacks — all you have to do is spray it on a stain, throw it in the hamper, and wait for it to come out whenever you get to wash day. 

A toilet-cleaning gel you can stamp inside your toilet so it can continually clean with every flush for two weeks at a time, essentially doing all the work for you so you can knock one more task off ye olde endless to-do list. 

A microwave pasta maker to bring you the glory of your favorite carbohydrate by literally just pressing a button on the microwave and walking away, so you don’t have to hover over a boiling pot listening to a podcast just to get your noodles on.

A pet towel hammock so you can secure your furry friend when they’re getting a little *too* furry for their own good, and safely groom them without worrying about them running off into the ether. This is designed to hang from shower hooks for easier clean up and access to water! 

A pair of no-tie elastic shoelaces perfect for anyone whose fashion sense can be loosely defined as “how fast can I get this stupid shoe on my foot and get out the door.” Plus the fasteners on these are hidden, so it’ll be your lil’ convenient secret. 

An affordable, reviewer-beloved robot vacuum you’re going to love so much that you’ll give it a name and treat it like a household pet. This reliable bb is designed to fit in tight corners and under small spaces to really deep clean the floors, has sensors to prevent it from bumping or falling, and can even be scheduled via a remote control so it’ll just start cleaning whenever it best suits your fancy. Oh! It also automatically recharges itself when it’s done. 

A weekly meal planner you can use to map out all your meals and grocery needs in advance — particularly handy if you’re so busy that prioritizing yummy things falls to the wayside. This is also great for cutting costs, save time ordering groceries, and minimizing your number of trips to the store.

A set of three dough presses in different sizes perfect for hand pies, dumplings, ravioli, calzones, empanadas, and truly any delicious thing you can think of that you want tucked into a pillow of warm carbs — this makes the process streamlined and easy so you don’t have to sweat it. 

A large capacity rotating makeup organizer that will basically make you feel like the Professor X of your beauty arsenal, with all your favorite products available right at the tips of your fingers.

A weekly pill organizer designed with push-through silicone lids to easily organize your pills at the beginning of the week, meaning you don’t have to spend a bunch of time rooting through pill boxes and trying to remember the timing of them each morning.

An extra large combo air fryer and oven for anyone whose Venn diagram of “I want to eat like royalty” and “I would like a machine to do all the cooking for me” is a circle. This bb comes with 11 different presets based on what kind of meal you’re cooking so you’ll get the optimum time and temperature for perfectly-crisped dinners and desserts that will leave your actual convection oven *shaking* with jealousy. (Particularly because this thing not only doesn’t need time to preheat, but will cook food up to 50% faster!) 

A set of nonstick, heat-safe sheet pan dividers shaped like trays so you can meal prep in the oven without wasting a ton of foil — this way when some elements need to come out before the rest are done cooking, you can just pluck a lil’ tray right out, easy peasy. 

A set of Wad-Free pads to ensure that your sheets stay separate from each other in the dryer and come out fresh, dry, and unwrinkled instead of looking like they got into a wet cotton brawl. 

A mold and mildew removal gel you can leave on the offending spots in kitchens and bathrooms for six hours, then wipe away like nothing nefarious ever grew there in the first place.

A magnetic air fryer cheat sheet so you can finally experiment with juuuuust the right amount of reckless abandon, while knowing everything you stick in there will still come out safe to eat. 

silicone soup and chili cube tray so you can batch cook some delicious meals, pop them in the freezer, and never have an “I’m so hungry but if I have to cook right now my brain will simply ROT” moment again. Each cube holds one cup of soup, making it easier to thaw out one meal at a time instead of freezing and reheating the whole thing. 

A “Mighty Handle” bag carrier so you’ll spare your forearms and fingers the “YIKES” of harsh bag plastic and also spare yourself the inconvenience of taking multiple trips to and from your car when you’re unloading groceries. Hercules is shaking. 

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