37 Times When Reality Destroyed Any Expectations

“My girlfriend decided to get a henna tattoo. This was supposed to be an elephant…”

“I paid for them because I’m scared of conflict.”

“Well, at least I tried.”

“Hey, it was tasty.”

“It looks more like cat food than candy.”

“I’m in physical pain”

“It actually tasted okay.”

They didn’t even try!

Minced meat pie…

“I just can’t believe this.”

“This is a fully cooked tub of goo. Tasted okay but I don’t think you can actually claim this as lasagna.”

“I am so disappointed in these ice cream pops.”

“I know I should just let it go, but c’mon!”

“Our mozzarella was tiny, 53 g while the package said 125 g.”

“I didn’t have super high expectations for $3, but it wasn’t even close.”

Lemon cake batter cookies

“I feel tricked, possibly even bamboozled.”

“I’m disappointed”

“My expectations weren’t high, but this was really terrible. And there’s almost no rice under there!”

Sponge Bob has changed…

“My niece wanted a Pikachu cake, Mom delivered.”

“The balayage I asked for vs what I got”

“Kinda looks like the cat might have gotten hold of it.”

“Tried to make some cute frogs, it didn’t go as planned.”

“This is some tremendously disappointing cereal.”

“This is my breakfast burrito.”

“Wanted a simple manicure for my wedding. I was upset but also couldn’t stop laughing.”

“So glad it was done with henna.”

“A laptop stand I ordered vs the laptop ’stand’ I got”

“Tried to take a cute photo of my doggo…”

“I tried to bake something for Pride month.”

“My mom made this for my son’s second birthday.”

“I’m trying to make dried orange wheels.”

“This is theft if you ask me.”

“These mixed beans aren’t very mixed.”

“It was advertised as having a lace front. Clearly what was sent does not.”

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