38 Funny Cats Who Are Not Very Much Into Cuddles

“Please Release Me”

“No Human, I Do Not Want Your Love”

“Dear God, Put Me Down!”

“Apparently The Satanic Spirit Possessing My Cat Doesn’t Like Selfies”

“Enough You Imbecile. Be Gone!”

“Stop Hugging Me. I’m Trying To Call Help”

“My Girlfriend And Our Cat. The Feeling’s Mutual”

“My Mom Is Giving Rei Kisses And She Is Having None Of It”

“I Tried To Make My Boyfriend Take A Cat Beard Picture. This Was The Result”

“Dad Tried To Give Me Attention. I Wasn’t In The Mood, Clearly”

“Cat’s Reaction When He Was Captured For Kissing/Sniffing”

“Silly Boy Hated Santa! I’ve Never Seen Him So Angry At Someone”

“Haven’t Seen Me For A Week. Greeted With Fangs. My Cat Hates Me”

“Sometimes My Mom Wants To Cuddle And I Just Cannot Deal”

“I Am Not Happy With This Head Massage”

“This Hooman Loves To Kiss Me – And I Hate It. But She’s Been A Good Slave”

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