38 Photos That Are Really Cool

“I have partial heterochromia in both eyes.”

“My shopping bag has a printed holiday pattern so it can be reused as wrapping paper.”

“My dad kept all glasses he’s ever worn since 1964.”

“My shredded hash brown bag had a full potato.”

“This sweater comes with a matching mask.”

“This knot on our door glows red when the sun shines on the other side.”

“This 5 inch moth we found in our house yard today.”

“My tires have percentages cast into the rubber that slowly appear the more miles you drive so you know how much tread depth is remaining.”

“My friend’s new surfboard was made to look like a Baguette.”

“The seasoning that my mother sent me are magnetic.”

“My orthodontist’s office has the Blue’s Clues chair.”

“Truck door handle on a frosty morning.”

“The inside of my purple cabbage.”

“The skin on my apple kinda looks like the silhouette of a camel.”

“A slug rappelling down from my roof using its slime.”

“Two roses are growing out of the dying remains of the other rose.”

“The cord on my straightener is straight and the cord on my curling iron is curly.”

“My coat zips all the way up to the top of the hood.”

“This crocheted spare tire cover on this Jeep.”

“This cat’s markings make it look like it’s nose is missing.”

“The outline of my jeans in a dusty piece of cardboard I sat on.”

“This cat has black circles around this eyes.”

“Brooks Moore, the narrator of How It’s Made”

“This chip that is full of air.”

“Burned out microwave bulb left this smoke pattern inside.”

“My wife’s oil painting of our collie based on starry night.”

“This banana had a cartoon banana Mona Lisa.”

“Found my great grandpa’s WWII Air Force goggles with WWII dirt still on em.”

“They let me keep my old pacemaker after surgically replacing it.”

“This baby tangerine was hiding in a bigger tangerine.”

“An elephant my dad made out of scrap metal when work was slow.”

“The left side of my chess was exposed to sun, other wasn’t.”

“This claw game I found in Bangkok that only has plush bok choy (?) inside of it.”

“Managed to get gas for $0.019 a gallon last night.”

“Shopping cart cleaning machine in Germany.”

“Just a few fighter jets flying over Sweden in the shape of a christmas tree.”

“My candle looks like a monkey.”

“A town I live close to still has an open RadioShack.”

“Had to wait for a plane to cross the walking path I use.”

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