38 Rare Photos From World History

“One Of The Earliest Photos Showing A Native American With A Wolf – Unlike The Myths Created About Wolves By Settlers, Indians Maintained A Close And Respectful Relationship With Wolves”

“Three Lads Play To The Camera, Jamaica”

“Jewish Prisoners After Being Liberated From A Death Train, 1945”

“Harlem Grocer Standing In Front Of His Store, 1937”

“The Boy And His Car, 1930s.little Man’s Got Style”

“Mother And Daughter Taking A Walk In New York City, 1970”

“Japanese Couple Taking A Mirror Selfie, 1920s”

“Sigourney Weaver’s High School Yearbook Picture.1967”

“Photograph Showing Inventor Charles S.l Baker And His Assistant Demonstrating Heating/Radiator System. 1906”

“22-Year-Old Wasp Pilot Shirley Slade In Her Flying Helmet, Goggles, And Gloves, 1943”

“Bobbi Gibb, First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon In 1966, She Ran Without A Number Because Women Were Not Allowed Into The Race”

“A Jewish Hanukkah Menorah Defies The Nazi Swastika, 1931”

“Bride Leaving Her Recently Bombed Home To Get Married, London, Nov 4, 1940”

“Luzon Woman, 1875”

“Hippie Dad Walking With His Daughter. Amsterdam, 1968”

“Inuk Man Teaching A Boy How To Shoot. Circa 1920”

“The Real Meaning Of “Keep Calm And Carry On.” Milkman During The London Blitz 1940″

“Susan Kare, Famous Apple Artist Who Designed Many Of The Fonts, Icons, And Images For Apple, Next, Microsoft, And Ibm. (1980s)”

“Couples In A Bar, 1959 Pittsburgh”

“”Easter Eggs For Hitler” Two African American Gi’s Pose At Easter Time With Personalised Infantry Shells. Ww2, 1940s”

“Father And Son Bonding Time 1980s”

“The Two Kashmir Giants Posing With The American Photographer James Ricalton, 1903”

“Learning To Ride A Bicycle, 1961”

“That’s A Genuinely Happy Looking Family, USA, 1959”

“Marina Ginestà, A 17-Year-Old Social Activist, Journalist, And Translator, On The Rooftop Of The Hotel Colón In Barcelona In 1936”

“Shooting The Original Mgm Logo, 1928”

“No Dog Biscuits Today, London, 1939”

‘Oasis In Giza, 1917″

“Dad: Let’s Take A Picture That Will Make Mom Angry. 1970”

“Paris – 1950”

“A Chippewa Indian Named John Smith Who Lived In The Woods Near Cass Lake, Minnesota Claimed To Be 137 Years Old Before He Died In 1922. Photo Taken In 1915”

“Central Park, New York City, 1973”

“A Dude Gets Arrested For Growing Marijuana In The Mid 70s”

“Zuya Hiyaya (Goes To War) And His Daughter, Sicangu, 1905”

“New York Children Sleeping On The Fire Escape To Keep Cool At Night. Early 1900 ‘S”

“A Teenager At An Elvis Presley Concert At The Philadelphia Arena In Philadelphia (Pa), April 6, 1957”

“Teenagers At A Party In 1947, Tulsa , Oklahoma”

“Kiss Band With Their Parents, 1976”

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