38 Times When Online Shopping Had Some Unpleasant Surprises

“I Ordered A Meditation Book From Amazon And Every Page Just Says “Inhale” And “Exhale””

“Ordered Online And Was Sent Only One Right Shoe. They “Fixed” The Issue By Sending Me Two More Right Shoes”

“I Bought A Cat Tower Online That Turned Out To Be Much Smaller Than Expected. Trevor Is Still Trying To Be Appreciative Tho”

“Furniture For Hobbits”

“What I Ordered (Left) vs. What I Got (Right)”

“Etsy Shop Sent The Wrong Apron – Now I Have An Apron With This Random Guy’s Face”

“A Mate Of Mine Ordered An Infinity Gauntlet From A Dodgy Website That Only Asked For Postage”

“Got his card cloned, had various credit accounts opened in his name and received this in the post weeks later.”

“Mom Ordered Steps For The Dog. What She Thought She Ordered vs. What She Got”

“This Guy Accidentally Bought An iPhone Shaped Coffee Table Instead Of An iPhone”

“The One On The Left Is What My Mom Ordered For Our Cats, The Right One Is What Arrived In The Mail”

“What We Ordered vs. What We Got (Feat. My Dog)”

“I Ordered A 6ft Tall Rainbow Tree From A Facebook Ad And This Is What Showed Up. I’m Crying From Laughing So Hard, I’ve Never Had This Happen In Real Life”

“So Today I Received My AirPods From Amazon. God These Are Huge”

“His XL Crate Arrived From eBay Today”

“My Friend’s GF’s Dad Sent Them A 4xl Cutting Board For Their Housewarming By Mistake”

“Shopping Online For Coffee Tables And Came Across This Review”

“Friend Bought $600 Apple Watch Off eBay. This Is What Came”

“Pearls Of Wisdom: Be Cautious When Ordering Online”

“We Ordered The Cake On The Left And Received The Cake On The Right. Elmo Has Seen Better Days”

“Ordered A Body Pillow Got A Wrist Rest Instead. I’m About 7.5 Bananas Tall”

“This Guy Bought A Smartphone Online But Received A Stone”

“Ordered Some Reclining Camping Chairs Online”

“Mother-In-Law Bought My Wife A Cozy Blanket From China. Dog For Scale”

“After 2 Months Of Waiting, I Finally Got My Mystery Tent Box”

“My Dad Bought A Drilling Machine On Wish. This Just Arrived”

“Turns Out I’m Not Very Good At Online Shopping”

“I Ordered Gummy Vitamins On Amazon And Live In Arizona”

“I Ordered A Rug For The Fireplace”

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