39 Hilarious OSHA Non-Compliant Safety Fails

A collection of epic workplace blunders that highlight the importance of following safety guidelines.

“Emergency ‘exit’ in a friend’s office building. First time they opened it was DURING A FIRE ALARM”

“Our engineering teacher pulled this out of the closet since we weren’t wearing our goggles… He’s my favorite.”

“Sharps container? These people apparently never heard of one…the needles were poking out of the box.”

“Only entrance to my current job site.”

“We had 5-6 people scrape/cut themselves walking past this exposed thermostat, so we finally complained… came in this morning to this solution.”

“Stirling Council have photoshopped hardhats on to their workers”

“Stirling Council have photoshopped hardhats on to their workers”

“Heater at my job site.”

“The hotel I’m staying in is keeping the plastic covers on its fire alarms to keep them newer for longer”

“When I was doing construction I was apparently featured in a ‘safety fails’ site on Pinterest.”

“Sometimes you gotta improvise”

“All these fire extinguisher posts, I figured I would share this one I found as an inspector.”

“Saw this on a competitors job-site. The city inspector letting them know it’s wrong.”

“Found in a graduate electrical engineering lab”

“Quit my Job After I Got Asked to Climb this Ladder on a 6 in 12 Pitch Roof. $10/hr Scraping Paint is Not Worth a Broken Neck.”

“Was checking the bolting under a house when they came right off with a little nudge. Somebody actually glued these to the mudsil and it passed inspection.”

“No one is gonna fall into this hole! There’s a cone!”

“But if the tag isn’t there… people wouldn’t know not to use it…”

“After operating a heavy machine for 30 hours, I see this…”

“9 inch width of unsecured grating over a 25 foot pit. Been this way for years.”

“Load bearing 2×6 wall. I just dont know what HVAC was thinking.”

“Emergency power shut off for a machine shop class with 25+ manual lathes, 5 manual mills, and 4 CNC mills is behind a bookshelf”

“Somethin ain’t right about this”

“Got a call about our local malls pole lights being out….”

“My father has owned his own lawn care company for 24 years.”

“‘If it rains harder than X amount, we have to empty this every 5 minutes’ – employee of the month”

“Where vegetables comes from.”

“Eye wash station = filled with empty oil cans. First aid station = blocked entirely by tires. Bravo.”

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