39 Things That Everyone Hates

“Trying to click x on an ad but actually clicking on the ad and it redirects you to the play store”

“Corrupt Politicians getting away with crime”

“The life story before the recipe on recipe websites.”

“When you wake up in the middle of the night and you want to go back to sleep but you have to pee”

“Being sleepy, getting into bed, then being awake”


“That moment when something’s stuck in between your teeth and your tongue can locate it just fine, but your fingers or a toothpick can’t…”

“Biting your cheek while eating ruins even the best meal.”

“Those ads that autoplay on the side of webpages, especially when they automatically have sound”

“The two ads on YouTube that are long enough to be annoying, but aren’t long enough to be skipped.”

“Being told “We need to talk later”

Why did you give me the notification? Now I’m gonna be riddled with anxiety until we talk. You could’ve just said nothing.”

“The sound of screaming children.”

“When your pocket or belt loop snags on the door handle.”

“Water running down your sleeve when washing dishes, then standing on the water with socks on”

“When you have that little bit of skin hanging off your finger that you end up ripping it off to your elbow”

“Stickers that peel off easily 80% of the way, but leave behind 20% that are bonded to the surface of the object for life.”


“Getting asked to get up for something the moment you sat down.”

“Going through Alzheimer’s/dementia. Has to be one of the most sad ways to go”

“Tooth pain”

“When you rip a paper towel off and that little corner doesn’t come with and stays on the next paper towel.

I think we can all agree that we hate that.”

“The almost-sneeze.”

“People that drive slowly in the fast lane and then don’t switch lanes when able to”

“Having a hair in your mouth and it being impossible to locate”

“A Wet toilet seat.”

“When you’re showering and the shower curtain moves and sticks to your body.”

“Job Interviews. The whole job hunting process in general.”

“Going upstairs and forgetting why you went up there then suddenly remembering as soon as you’ve sat back down in the living room”

“Low speed internet”

“Looking at your cell phone in bed and then dropping it on your face.”

“Cold spots in food after heating it up for four minutes.”

“When you think the hot drink has cooled enough to drink, but then you find out you were wrong, so wrong.”

“When your device is connected to the wifi but when you open a website and it says that you have no internet connection.”

“When someone asks you to do something you are already doing.”

“Turning without using your signal lights”

“Mini stones that get inside your shoes”

“Wearing wet socks.

I legitimately hate my entire existence if I get caught in the rain and get my shoes and socks wet.”

“When you turn your neck a weird way and it starts hurting”


“Ticks. Blood sucking little bastards, the food chain doesn’t need you”

“Accidentally breathing water through your nose”

“People coming into your room and then leaving the door open”

“Stubbing your toe/banging your shin”

“Flies in the house. Makes everyone slap-happy.”

“Sinus infections”


“Getting hit on the ankle with a shopping cart”

“Monday mornings”

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