39 Weirdest Things Discovered On “Google Earth”

“Goodbye Internet Explorer”. Location: Gyeongju, South Korea

“Jet Fighter On A Parking Lot”. Location: Hagen, Germany

“Bread Man”. Location: Old City, Jerusalem

“Japanese Bird People”. Location: Tokyo, Japan

“Did You Slip A Little There?”. Location: Margate, England

“The Black Ghost”. Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania

“This Very Talented Truck”. Location: Tonkawa, Oklahoma, USA

“Is That A Ghost?”. Location: Nauru, Micronesia

“Low Budget Spiderman”. Location: Stockholm, Sweden

“Creepy Headless And Hand-Less Dancing Man”. Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

“Two Red Ladies”. Location: Dublin, Ireland

“Giant Pink Bunny, Prata Nevoso, Italy”. Location: Prata Nevoso, Italy

“Aliens In Turkey”. Location: Kusadasi, Turkey

“Shoutout”. Location: Kinmen, China

“Playing Dead”. Location: East London, South Africa

“Bear Sighting”. Location: Arges County, Romania

“A Cocktail Of Strange Things”. Location: Winnsboro. South Carolina, USA

“Run For Your Life When You See This”. Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Garden Of The Un-Living”. Location: Sabile, Latvia

“Not Something You’d Wanna See On The Road”. Location: Turicachi, Mexico

“Catacombs Of Paris”. Catacombs Of Paris

“On The Sunken Ship”. Location: Gulf Of Mexico

“Is This Safe?”. Location: Navotas, Philippines

“Perfect Skiing Shot”. Location: Mont Blanc, Europe

“Archery Practice”. Location: Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

“Where Does It Lead?”. Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

“Miyoshi Doll Village”. Location: Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

“Black Hole In The Sky”. Location: Stuart, Florida, USA

“What’s It Doing There?”. Location: Kocani, North Macedonia

“La Cueva Del Diablo”. Location: Potosi. Bolivia

“Cars The Movie Reject”. Location: Carinthia, Austria

“Bear Lover”. Location: Gramado, Brazil

“Pet Dino Skeleton”. Location: Dixon, California, USA

“Sand Bird?”. Location: Xinjiang, China

“One Of A Kind Bmw”. Location: Hagestein, Netherlands

“Your Very Own Backyard Plane”. Location; Roxas Blvd, Philippines

“Don’t Look Too Close”. Location: Ida-Viru County, Estonia

“Tipped Car”. Location: Chauconin-Neufmontiers, France

“Tonopah Test Range Airport Bomb Target”. Location: Nye County, Nevada, USA

Source: twitter.com

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