4 Unlikely Websites That Offer Relationship Advice

The modern and fast-paced society requires efficient ways to solve problems, and that is where developments in technology prove useful.

Online spaces and social media platforms offer the ability to connect with people across the globe from the comfort of your home. Consequently, online websites provide communities through which one can obtain relationship advice.

Some of the go-to online platforms that have helped single people find love include popular dating sites and apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. Moreover, millions of couples meet on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis.

However, have you ever thought about those funny and scandalous Reddit threads and the number of people that willingly offer solutions to different predicaments? There are several other unlikely places you can get relationship advice, which we’ll discuss, so hang tight!

Why Look For Dating Advice Online in the First Place?

To answer this question, look at how the web connects you to a diverse audience. In as much as close family and friends may tailor their advice based on how they know you, the internet offers a more diverse pool of perspectives.

There is nothing shameful in publicly asking for help to solve relationship advice, as people are usually more than willing to help those in difficult situations. Factoring in the different cultural views on the internet may help you widen your horizons and employ new tactics to solve your dating problem.

Whether you are trying to get into a relationship or are seeking advice on how to better your romance, there is always a ready community to help solve your predicament. The following includes five surprising websites often overlooked by those seeking relationship advice.


It’s interesting that not many know about marriage.com. The website offers an array of articles that target dating couples. Mariage.com also provides insight on topics such as raising children, relationship issues, divorce, and starting families.

Additionally, the website suggests three marriage courses depending on the relationship stage:

  • Pre-Marriage Course: targets engaged couples to navigate the dynamics of their relationship and what they expect from their upcoming marriage
  • Marriage Course: helps couples to effect clear communication mechanisms and develop a loving and caring relationship
  • Save My Marriage Course: addresses issues that are threatening to end a couple’s relationship


Reddit is a unique news aggregation website where content is curated depending on what is most popular among the users. The website’s members post content to the site, which is then upvoted or voted down.

The website is popular among the “nerdy” demographic and is an incredible source of information for any field of the human experience. Reddit offers a subreddit for people seeking relationship advice to get counsel from the community. You may disagree with what they have to say, but the platform delivers a space for healthy discussion.

Moreover, you can connect and formulate relationships on the platform with the Redditor for Redditor (R4R) system that allows users to look for potential partners, hookups, or friends.


Similar to Reddit, the percentage of geeks that interact with 4chan is higher compared to that of other online platforms. The site records more than 22 million viewers monthly, and there exist forums and discussion posts that users share anonymously. Therefore, the feedback obtained from 4chan is bound to be honest and unfiltered. The website offers an opportunity for people seeking a logical view of dating and relationships in general.

Using a 4chan proxy also enhances privacy. It also enables you to access the forum if your ISP or network administrator has set restrictions.


Quora is a platform for people to pose questions and get feedback from others. It is a search engine, similar to Google, where you can obtain information on any area of concern. People can pose questions on Quora and search from the list of possible answers. Similarly, users can offer solutions to questions that fall under their area of expertise.

Proceed With Caution

The sites mentioned here allow you to interact with people worldwide. Due to the anonymity offered by forums such as 4chan, the feedback obtained from these websites may be gruesome and triggering. Therefore, it’s always wiser to proceed with caution and seek professional help (if necessary) before applying the advice to your personal life.

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