4 Ways Ash Catchers Can Enhance Your Smoking Experience

Countless people worldwide enjoy smoking their favorite marijuana flowers every day using spectacular glass bongs. The introduction of ash catchers to the ever-growing smoking accessories market has made things more exciting for avid and amateur smoking enthusiasts alike.

Those yet to buy an ash catcher for bong will be glad to know of the incredible ways these appliances can enhance the smoking experience. Some of the most remarkable examples are listed below for you to get a better idea.

  • You can enjoy cleaner hits

Besides avid smokers, people who use variants of cannabis for medicinal purposes, such as chronic pain alleviation or battling stress, prefer using ash catchers for ash-free smoke. The very purpose of an ash catcher is to ensure that tar, dust, and other debris from the cannabis smoke is collected inside of it. Consequently, users can enjoy filtered smoke almost entirely free from impurities as it reaches the glass bong.

Moreover, another advantage of using this incredible device is that the smoke is a lot cooler by the time you inhale it, drastically reducing the chances of burning your lungs or throat.

  1. Smoking pipes stay cleaner for longer durations

Regular users testify that ash catchers effectively keep smoking devices clean for a considerably more extended period than usual. That’s because, since the tar, ash, and other debris is collected directly in the apparatus itself, the smoking pipe stays relatively free of impurities and stains.

This is an incredibly convenient feature for folks with less time to spare to clean their equipment. They can merely detach the filter and clean that instead of the entire bong, ensuring the whole setup is perpetually ready for users to enjoy smoking at will.

  1. Easy maintenance

It is indeed true that you should handle glass ash catchers with care to prevent falling and breakage. But one must invariably be careful with all glass products, however robust the material. That being said, it is pretty easy to maintain glass catchers due to their durable and robust quality.

Cleaning the appliance is easy, too, taking minimal effort and time. All users must detach the tool and pour a cleaning agent made of isopropyl alcohol and salt into it. Leave the liquid in the container for a couple of hours and then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can leave the cleaning solution for longer or overnight if the ash catcher is especially dirty or stained.

  1. You can use more than one

Several folks enjoy the cleaner and cooler filtered smoke that results from using an ash catcher. It is a stark contrast to smoking hot, unfiltered, and ash-filled smoke directly from the pipe. Therefore, many people attach two or more filters to their smoking devices to push for optimal benefit.

You can try using multiple catchers, too, but note that the catchers should have the appropriate weight, joint angle, gender, size, and other features for more excellent compatibility.

Buy from a reputable vendor

If you want a durable and robust ash catcher for bong, buying the product from a trusted supplier is essential. Avid users commonly prefer making routine purchases from reliable online head shops that sell a wide range of smoking-related products.

You can give this a try and browse their extensive catalogs for high-end bongs, borosilicate ash catchers, and other smoking essentials. Many stores sell basic models at reasonable prices, making it exceptionally convenient for people to buy more than a single item. For example, a straightforward yet highly effective glass ash catcher costs approximately $20 or perhaps less in a reputable online store, making it affordable even for users on a tight budget.

Lastly, ensure to check the seller’s authenticity, shipping charges, returns or exchange policies, and other crucial details before purchasing catchers and other products. It will help you land high-quality products for a reasonable price.

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