40+ Amazing Wonders Of Woodworking

“Still A Novice, But Here’s A “Spell Tome” Dice Box I Just Made For My Boyfriend’s Birthday :)”

“The Customer Wanted Blue They Got It Turned Out Good I Think”

“I Recently Went To The Dentist And Unfortunately Got The Bad News I Had A Few Cavities. My Dentist Offered To Cover My Bill If I Would Help Make A Sign For His Business. I’m Going To Blame The Jolly Ranchers”

“A 3 Piece Bookshelf Set I Made. I Dont Understand How To Use A Square”

“Carpet Gone, Oak Floors Refinished In New House, Bonus Dog”

“Customer Wanted A Big Wooden Dome With No Visible Hardware”

“Made A New Workbench From 600 Year Old Douglas Fir”

“Son Is Making His Room Minecraft Themed So We Made This Chest Together As His First Real Woodworking Project”

“Cherry Wood Painted With Chalk Paint Then Waxed”

“After 8 Months Of Effort, I’ve Finally Finished Building My Marimba!”

“Long Time Lurker, First Time Posting. Baby Crib For My Nephew Made Out Of Ambrosia Maple. Learned Alot From This Build”

“Carved A Different Type Of Celtic Knot Out Of Walnut. These Things Are Trickier To Keep Consistent In Width And Depth Than I Gave Them Credit For. Each One Is A Learning Experience”

“2 Years And I’m Finally Done! Acoustic Guitar From Scratch!!”

“I Recently Decided To Gather All My Most Important Recipes… Ones We Use Regularly And Those From My Family. I Used The Laser Engraver To Create Wood Recipe Cards And Made A Little Box Out Of Cherry For Them”

“Bird House My Kids And I Made. I’m A Mason Not A Woodworker So Take It Easy On Us”

“Saw Someone Else Posted A Bunk Bed… So Here’s One I Did A Few Months Ago!”

“I’m Pretty Happy With The Way This Turned Out”

“Here’s A Teak Deck I Designed And Installed Last Winter. Went Onboard Yesterday To Do Some Touch-Up Work And Managed To Get Some Pictures Of The Final Results”

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