40 Amusingly Cursed AI Image Fails That Will Crack You Up

This collection is a rollercoaster ride through the world of artificial intelligence gone comically astray. Witness the unexpected, the peculiar, and the outright laughable as AI attempts at image creation take a delightfully cursed turn.

A Typical Day On Public Transit In My Favourite City Toronto, Canada

Jeep Owners Parking On Random Things

A Funeral Home Throwing A Welcome Party To Client Number One Thousand

Some Men Went To The Barbie Movie And Got A Little Upset

Gopro Footage Of People Standing Barefoot On Pizza

Early 2010s Memes Reimagined With Ai

Australian Crossing Guards. (It’s Just A Joke, I Love Australians)

Foods That Should Never Be Served At A Mcdonald’s Made With Ai

Some Scenes From Barbieheimer

Tom Hanks On Acid At Target

Ancient Statues Doing Modern Things

Bill Gates Frolicking Through Windows Xp Wallpaper

Shoe Anatomy

Workers In Tennessee Collecting Dew From The Mountains

Extremely Fat Cat Driving A Honda Civic At A Demolition Derby

Terry Crews Acting As Snow White

Bring Your Baby To Work Day

It’s Raining Men

The Rock Eats Rocks At The Hard Rock Cafe


This Was Supposed To Be “Happy Woman Taking A Selfie With A Crocodile” I Don’t Think Ai Knows What A Crocodile Is

Sauron Is Victorious On The Battle Of Black Friday

Sign Language

Extreme Waiting Competition

Confused Extremely Fat Cat Checking A Map While Riding A Bull At A Rodeo

“Extreme Competition Of Who Can See The Farthest”

Extreme Walking-On-Waters Competition Among Jesus Christ Doppelgangers (I Love How Ai Keeps It Real With The Boards)

Extremely Fat Cat Ufc Fight

Unusable Bike Race

Marathon For People With No Sense Of Direction

People Using The Meat Isle Of A Grocery Store As A Bath

Toilet Paper Throwing Festival

Cursed Ai

Try And Get Anything To Breakdance, I Dare You. I Haven’t Seen A Model That Gets It Right Ever

A Security Guard Watching A Pregnant Woman Dig Through A Trash Can At A Shell Station

Soldiers Competing In A Endless Fried Chicken Eating Competition During A Hurricane In Florida

Pov: Sly Stallone Is A Part Time Manager At Your Local McDonald’s

Extreme Red Bull Drinking Competition, Turns Out It Wasn’t A Good Idea

Guys On Fast Speedboat Cooking Stir Fry Rice With A Lot Of Flames

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