40 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Available Now

Or 44% off a set of affordable, highly popular wireless Bluetooth earbuds that make *excellent* AirPod dupes, but arguably better — these are completely waterproof (like, you can fully take them in the shower) and come with several silicone earbuds to get the best fit possible.

35% off a pack of Crest 3D Whitestrips so you can get pearly whites without spending too much green. They mold to your teeth with their no-slip design to dramatically lift even years’ old stains. Their widely-loved bleaching formula works overtime so you can see results FAST.

41% off a flywheel stationary bike with a built-in tablet holder perfect for watching TV or using a workout app (like Peloton!).

$100 off a Shark vacuum designed for people with allergies (I’m about to breathe a sigh of relief between sneezes) — it deep cleans powerfully according to reviewers, has a HEPA filter to trap dust inside, and an extra large dust capacity so you can clean longer without emptying the bin.

58% off the newest generation (it’s 50% faster!) of Amazon HD Fire TV stick you can simply plug into your existing TV and stream all the shows, movies, and music you want at the push of a button.

30% off a NordicTrack treadmill reviewers agree is great value for the price (and especially on sale for under $500). It has 0-10% incline control, speeds up to 10 mph, and best of all, can fold up for compact storage if you need it.

35% off a Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee maker so you can make rich and delicious espresso *and* full-size coffees at lit’rally the push of a button. And it’s surprisingly slim to save you counter space!


30% off a quiet, energy-efficient Levoit air purifier that’ll help remove airborne dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander, and more, no matter how many furry friends you have around the house. Who has time to keep up with all that dusting?!

50% off the most recent version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle so you can *instantly download* your next read — either from the Kindle store or from your local library’s selection of ebooks. No waiting.

40% off a Roomba robot vacuum so you can watch your house get cleaned without even having to get up from the couch. Technology can be great.

32% off KitchenAid Artisan Mini stand mixers (it holds 3.5 quarts!) — they take up less counterspace but still have plenty of bowl space for your cookie dough, cake batter, bread dough, or mashed potatoes! Now you can whip up batch after batch of cookies *and* have enough space for a cooling rack.

30% off the Apple Watch Series 7 the best price yet on Apple’s latest and most advanced smartwatch. With it, you can call and send texts, use Siri, listen to music, track your workouts, measure your blood oxygen level, and even take an ECG — and its crack-resistant screen is also swim-proof.

42% off an HD projector perfect for turning any room into a mini movie theater. Just plug in a phone, gaming system, streaming stick (including the Amazon Fire TV stick — also on sale), or laptop.


36% off the fan-favorite Laneige lip mask that’ll keep your lips hydrated and ~supple~ while you get a good night’s sleep. Just slather on before bed and you’ll wake up with a super-soft pout.

39% off a reviewer-beloved veggie chopper to make you feel like a golden god in your kitchen — this gadget julienne, chops, spiralizes, and slices vegetables in an instant and has a built-in storage container to hold the chopped veggies so you can pour them into a pan or dish without any mess.

43% off a pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones with up to *40 hours* of listening time on a single charge so you can power through a cleaning sesh, the workday, or just listening to your favorite tunes without having to be interrupted.

30% off the TikTok-famous Bissell Little Green carpet and upholstery cleaner for knocking out pet stains, spills, and more — without having to waste a lot of your valuable storage space.

30% off a 44-piece Rubbermaid Brilliance container set made of BPA-free Tritan plastic that’s designed to *stay* crystal clear and not absorb any odors. They are truly leak-proof (perfect for meal prep or lunches!) and have built-in venting lids for easy reheating.

50% off a 23andMe test if you’ve always been curious to learn more about where in the world your ancestors are from, your health predispositions, and predicted habits and traits based on your genes (like what time you probably wake up in the morning).

55% off an American Dental Association-accepted Waterpik Water Flosser that’ll improve gum health and remove up to 99.9% of plaque with good ‘ol water pressure, and make it especially easier to maneuver around braces, implants, and other dental work! Let’s face it, we’re adults and the idea of flossing shouldn’t have us running for the hills (I’m guilty as charged).

40% off a Hamilton Beach mini (3-cup) food processor so you can easily chop ingredients, make homemade pestos and salsas, and even through together a quick pie crust — without taking up a ton of drawer or cabinet space.

34% off a waterproof Bluetooth speaker (this is a lightning⚡️ deal so act fast) you can use at home or outdoors (and even by the beach or pool without worrying about it) — and although it might be compact and portable, this bb can pack a punch of sound, according to reviewers.

37% off a Vitamix Professional Series blender (that’s $230 in savings) — this baby chops, grinds, blends, emulsifies, and can even heat up soup!


30% off Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil, which absorbs instantly into the skin, with its namesake powerhouse ingredients working quickly to fight signs of stress and pollution, including dullness, fine lines, and redness. Basically it gets a *lot* done WHILE moisturizing your skin.

40% off a mini Kodak instant photo printer so you can instantly print photos and easily mail them off or hand them out to your nearest and dearest. Snail mail is something special!

47% off a tripod that can extend allll the way up to 62″ and comes with a remote for taking selfies so you can take all the photos and videos your heart desires. It works with cameras too!

30% off a Dawn Powerwash starter kit, because if you haven’t tried this magical product yet, now is the time. Just spray on, and let it BLAST through tough grease and baked-on messes so you don’t “have” to let dishes “soak” in the sink overnight. Every dish will be done in record time.

40% off a Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush (under $60! a great price) featuring all the features you’re looking for: a pressure sensor to tell you if you’re brushing too hard, a timer to ensure you’re spending enough time brushing (and in each quadrant of your mouth), and a travel-friendly two-week battery life. Plus a travel case!

60% off an Echo Dot with voice-control technology so you can tell Alexa to play music, send messages, tell you the news or weather, control smart devices, make purchases…and so much more. Speak, and it shall be so.

20% off Paula’s Choice Salicylic Acid Exfoliant (all of your favorite skincare TikTokers swear by it) that’ll unclog pores, banishe dead skin cells, and even out skin tone. It even works on my very allergy-prone sensitive skin. A whopping 70 reviewers used the word “miracle.”

30% off a 12-piece nonstick cookware set (from BuzzFeed’s Goodful brand!) so you can fully outfit your kitchen with just one purchase. Everything is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up (no “soaking” the pan overnight, aka procrastinating doing the dishes).

Or 22% off (allllmost $100 off!) a Caraway nonstick ceramic cookware set if you love going from stove to oven — these are safe up to 550°!

$40 off a smart air fryer you can *control from your phone* (or even with Alexa!) so you can crisp up leftovers, make homemade versions of your favorite fried foods (without having to deal with hot oil), and more. And the baskets are fully removable and dishwasher-safe for effortless cleanup.

20% Olaplex No. 3 (pre-wash repairing treatment), No. 4 (shampoo), and No. 5 (conditioner) — I’m personally stocking up on all three! If you color your hair or use heat tools, Olaplex’s bond-strenghtening magic is pretty much a must.

30% off a convertible stroller that’s so chic your baby just might have a better ride than you do…not that your mini van isn’t cool. It’s cool!

31% off a box of skin-lifting, pore-tightening Skin1004 face masks with results that reviewers swear by — not to mention the fact that it’s weirdly fun? The mask tightens as it dries on your face, giving you the titular “zombie” effect. Just wait 15 minutes and rinse to reveal your glowiest glow yet, thanks to the albumin (aka egg white) and aloe formula.

30% off an Instant Pot Duo with an air-frying lid, which is basically the kitchen appliance to end all kitchen appliances. It’ll help you “fry” all your favorite snacks with way less oil, and it can also pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, warm, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate.

33% off a Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet so you can sauté, sear, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill up to your heart’s content with a quality piece that’s built to last.

50% off a Casper sleep foam pillow that’ll have you sleeping so well that you’re going to show up late for every morning plan you make again 👀.

31% off a Dracula garlic mincer for anyone who appreciates irony, has strong feelings about their favorite vampire, or just really loves garlic bread. And if you’re on board with all three like me, even better.

20% off, plus $3 off the ChomChom, a pet hair-removing roller with a patented brush design (and *no* adhesive strips) to rid your lovely black sofa of all your furry friend’s shedding in a quick roll — so you can get back to cuddling together.

40% off a TikTok-popular inflatable hot tub because you deserve to live your best bougie lifestyle without shelling out thousands and committing to having an actual giant hot tub in your backyard year-round. It sports 120 air jets and heats up quickly to a soothing 104 degrees — just imagine this on a summer night with a glass of your favorite chilled drink.

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