40+ Cool And Interesting Photos From The Past

“Women Grocery Shopping In The 1960s”

“My Grandmother From 1947”

“Nora Washington With A Catfish She Caught With A Cane Pole, No Less In The Colorado River, Bastrop, Texas 1950s”

“This Boy And His Dog Were Photographed By Photographer J. E. Williams In New Athens, Ohio In The Late 1890s-Early 1900s”

“This was another one that was cracked but the damage wan’t in critical areas and I was able to clone some image from the photo taken at the same time. From my glass negative collection”

“Benton County, Tennessee, 1930’s”


Carl Mydans was a photographer that worked some for the federal government during the Great Depression. He took several heart breaking pictures of rural families, especially in the South. This family was photographed near Benton County, Tennessee. He titled this one “Rural Mother”

“Portrait Of Lillian, Cora And Luvenia Ward. Taken In Worcester, Massachusetts, Circa 1900”

“Fun Before The Internet, 1960s”

“Charging An Electric Car In The Garage, New York, 1911”

“My Grandparents, Poland 1952”

“Bedouin Couple In Front Of Their Tent, Adwan Tribe. 1898. (Colorized By Frédéric Duriez)”

“Christmas Dinner, 1936. Dinner Consisted Of Potatoes, Cabbage And Pie”

“Elvis, His Father Vernon, And His Grandmother Minnie Mae, 1959”

“Irish Seaman And Antarctic Explorer Thomas Crean Photographed In 1915 Aboard The Endurance In Antarctica During The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Of 1914–1917 LED By Ernest Shackleton”

“The Endurance was trapped in ice for 492 days and sank, so the 28-man crew had to use lifeboats to reach the uninhabited Elephant Island. Crean was one of 6 members of the crew to make the 800 miles (1300 km) journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia in the small-boat James Caird to seek rescue for the rest of the crew. Once they reached South Georgia after 17 days at sea, 3 of the men, including Tom Crean, trekked across the island to a whaling station on the north side of South Georgia. There they were able to organize rescue efforts for the 3 men left on the south of the island and the remaining crew on Elephant Island. The entire crew of the Endurance returned home without loss of life.”

“Lucille Ball. A Timeless Beauty”

“My Sweet Sixteen Self. I Will Be Eighty In February 2023”

“Camberley Kate, And Her Stray Dogs In England. She Never Turned A Stray Dog Away, Taking Care Of More Than 600 Dogs In Her Lifetime. (1962)”

“An Officer Halts Traffic To Make Way For A Cat Carrying A Kitten Across The Street, 1925”

“First Nations Husband And Wife, (A. Ross, 1886)”

“A Photo Of My Grandfather, Clyde Hensley, Lived Deep In The Appalachian Mountains Of Western North Carolina”

“Lived off the land, kept bees, grew tobacco, dried it, twisted it, made molasses. You name it.

I always knew him as happy and content. For no special reason.

True Grit.


“This Innuit Girl Descending Into Her Home, An Ice Igloo”

“This powerful image transcends time, and continues to go viral over 70 years later.

Helen Konek is 91 years old now. But she was 17 when photographer Richard Harrington asked to take images of her family near Arviat, Nunavut. This one is in the massive igloo her father Pipqanaaq built.”

“Cheryl Browne, First African-American Contestant For The Title Of Miss America In 1971”

“Cheryl Adrienne Browne was born in New York City in 1950 and studied dance at LaGuardia High School in Manhattan. After high school, she moved to Decorah, Iowa to study dance at Luther College. After winning the Miss Decorah contest, on June 13, 1970, she beat 19 white contestants to win Miss Iowa, making her eligible to compete for the 1971 Miss America crown.

Cheryl became the first black woman to compete for the Miss America title, the first African American contestant to make it to the final, even though competition rule number seven, instituted during the 1930s, which read: “Contestants must be of good health and of the white race,” had been abolished 30 years before in 1940.”

“Dolly Parton In The Late 60’s”

“Three Young Ladies Posing With A Friend, 1930”

“Two Gentleman From The Early 1900s”

“Soldier Coming Home To His Daughter After WWII, 1945”

“A Young Woman Posing For A Studio Portrait, Kentucky, 1890-1910”

““Les Nouvelles Meirveilleuses”. In The Spring Of 1908, Three Women Walked Onto The Longchamp Racecourse In Paris And Jaws Dropped”

“The Champion Watermelon Eater At The 4th Of July Celebration In Brooklyn, 1935”

“Portrait Of A Young Grumpy Girl From The 1850s”

“Richard Lasher Was On His Way To Ride His Dirt Bike When Mt. St. Helens Erupted In Front Of Him (1980)”

“My Great-Great Aunt Helen Taken In 1913 When She Was 16 Years Old. She Passed Away At 90 Years Old In 1987”

“A Roman Toddler’s Footprint In A Red Clay Tile, Imprinted As It Was Drying ~2000 Years Ago”

“A Ghostly Yet Mesmerizing Image From 1900”

“The Baby In This Picture Is My Grandmother Born In 1893. Along With My Great Grandmother, Great Great Grandmother And Great Great Great Grandmother”

“Girls In The Windows”

“In 1960, photojournalist Ormond Gigli assembled 43 women, dressed them in refined, colorful garb, and situated them in 41 windows across the facade of the classic New York City brownstones. Years later, the image ended up being his most famous artwork.”

“Silent Film Actress, Delores Costello, Drew Barrymore’s Grandmother, 1928”

“Ron Howard’s Wedding To His (Still) Wife Cheryl In 1975–With Henry Winkler”

“Marilyn Monroe Circa 1954”

“Titanic Survivors Marjorie And Charlotte Collyer In New York Immediately Following The Sinking Of The Liner In 1912”

“This Is Economy Class Seating On Pan Am 747 In The ‘60’s”

“Mother And Daughter Photographs From 1900”

“Bride Leaving Her Recently Bombed Home To Get Married, London, Nov 4, 1940”


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