40+ Cool Designs That You May Like It

Visually appealing and stylish designs that you may find interesting and enjoyable. Whether you’re into fashion, graphic design, or simply appreciate aesthetic creativity, there’s something for everyone in this compilation.

“Cd Package Design For Chinese Folk Rock Band 五条人”

“Business Card & Cockroach Trap”

“Logo For Lune Croissanterie – A Pâtisserie Specialising In Croissants”

“Less Talking, More Listening”

“Sink Drain Design At The Minneapolis Airport”

“Substation, Detail Of Cornice, Hans Heinrich Müller”

“KV Bjørnøya, The Newest Vessel Being Built For The Norwegian Coast Guard”

“Paint Sample Cubes, Instead Of Flat Swatches, So You Can See The Colors With Shadows”

“Wear A Seatbelt” Ad

“Drunk Driving Ad By Hyundai”

“Oak Wood Imperial Staircase In Castel Savoia”

“Any Love For Packaging Here? Very Thoughtful Hardware Package Design”

“Was Told This Would Be Appreciated Here. Sooo Here Ya Go!”

“”Piece By Piece Alzheimer’s Takes Away The Memory”. Campaign For Alzheimer Forschung Initiative”

“Colorful Glass Canopy In Sonoma, California. By: Olafur Eliasson And Architect Sebastian Behmann”

“Newly Constructed ‘Danish Prison Cells’ Are Designed Better Than My Apartment”

“Door Handles On A Theatre”

“Translation: (Their) Love Slipped A Little Bit? No, This Is Violence (Anti Domestic Violence Poster)”

“Clever Little Airline Logo From A Recent Flight”

“My Vacuum Cleaner Filter Displays Taps When It’s Wet After Cleaning, So You Know When It’s Fully Dry”

“A Bar Of Soap That Gets Sad As It Approaches Its Demise”

“Jeep’s European Marketing”

“This Barcode That Looks Like A Waterfall”

“The Logo For A Band Called The Makepeace Brothers. I Always Thought It Was So Clever”

Source: www.reddit.com

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