40+ Crazy Photos Show Why Australia Is The Land Of Nope

“Believe it or not, this is one of the least dangerous spiders we have in Australia”

“In Australia, this snake had 3 eyes.”

“This dude set up shop in the enemies nest (literally). And took em all out.”

“Tube-nosed bat, Australia”

“A keen-eyed person walking along a muddy creek in Northern Territory, Australia noticed something unusual about the shape of a slug of mud with a beady yellow eye staring at him. It turned out to be a saltwater crocodile. Authorities circulated this pic to warn people about dangers in muddy creeks.”

“After rushed and violent bout of diarrhoea you are presented with the option to wipe or not to wipe”

“This massive 6 foot 4 inches tall Kangaroo that was found in Australia”

“Guess i’ll walk to work”

“Went to go open my garage door, and now I have to burn it to the ground.”

“Huntsman Spider Fills Car With Babies. Australia.”

“This is why you don’t leave your shoes outside in Australia..”

“Spider hiding in my apartment peephole”

“In Australia it is always wise to check you shoes prior to putting your foot in.”

“Found this guy in the sink yesterday morning. ?Marbled Scorpion – Scenic Rim SEQ”

“These cockroaches are a popular pet in Brisbane, Australia”

“Black Widow spider makes itself at home in a clothing store.”

“Go to put my sweatshirt on this morning and this guy pops out onto my pillow! Didn’t even know we had scorpions in Canberra.”

“Female Golden Orb-Weaver on a mates hat. QLD Australia”

“Found A New Friend This Morning In My Furnace Room”

“Flies in Australia during a heatwave”

“Big floods in Australia = SHARK swimming in your front yard.”

“The floods in Australia have trapped 6 bull sharks in one of the ponds of a Brisbane golf course.”

“Here in Brisbane, Australia a Carpet Python is on the lookout for a meal. Harmless to humans but will still scare the hell outta you.”

“Regional Australia in one image.”

“Not snow or dew. Welcome to spider season in Australia.”

“Spider webs covering a street light. Yes… Australia”

“It’s not snow, it’s just the spider season in Australia”

“Ok who had spider invasion for March? New South Wales, Australia. After 26” of rain in 5 days, some locals are looking for a new home. (Everything brown in this pic has 8 legs)”

“It’s time to burn the house down.”

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